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MyPlayer Mode
My favourite part of the NBA/FIFA games are the myplayer mode where you control your personal character within the game, all other players being computer controlled. I think a similar function would be amazing for the next AFL game, starting out in the draft, playing VFL/WAFL etc until you get the callup. For me this would be an instant buy. What else would you guys like to see in a myplayer mode?
Everyone would like to see it. It takes a lot of work though, so many team licenses to get and what ever is needed to allow players/sponsors/commentators. I have no doubt we will see it, maybe even in AFL Live 2, but it wont be close to My Player in NBA2k or FIFA yet.
This is one feature im dying for in AFL and rugby games, it just seems it would overlook anything in the games especially AFL. A definete buy from me if they do get it, it would just take alot more work for example for a midfielder you would need more options on attacking the ball. Would be great though!
This would be awesome. It would be a lot more fun then playing through the season mode 5 times like I have done.
would be cool and you can decide if you want a move to another club and chose what deal to accept (club offers aswell as endorsements) and i just hope they make it so you can play more than one season b4 restarting 07 was by far the best game so far with everything it had to offer

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