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rugby live 1
i went through forums and did not find a thread for our very own rugby live 1! also it has a pc version did not see it in your website! i got it and i enjoyed it! so here i start a thread to discuess about rugby live 1!

*does it have a editor like cricket acadamy????if yes how to get it? Big Grin
Well almost a year later you get a replYSmile Actually although RLL2 is a much better game, there are some things that I believe I liked a little better in RLL. Like the Bombs, felt like they were more open and loose, on RLL2 sometimes it feels like the bombs are on rails. I like the fact that on RLL it felt like you had more of a horizontal/vertical leap (/) rather then strait up leap (l). And I thought the amount of drop balls on RLL were realistic for bombs. The other thing a liked was a power out of the tackle feeling, ever so often it felt like you had a chance to break the tackle by powering through, were in RLL2 it is either tackled or not tackled.

Cheers and Salud

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