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Cricket 22
(01-03-2022, 11:57 PM)Percy Veerance Wrote:
(12-08-2021, 11:48 AM)DanteZaine13 Wrote: What are you all guys thoughts about Cricket 22?

I'm really disappointed with this so far. Couldn't wait to play it after sinking 100s of hours into all previous Cricket titles by Big Ant, but Cricket 22 seems to have gone backwards. Hopefully they continue to release patches throughout the year, but at the moment we're paying £50 to test the game for the developers.

Major Issues:

- Ball and/or bowling marker completely disappearing during a game, forcing me to reload the game - this seems to happen randomly?

- Running between the wickets is worse than ever - Non-striker, despite being halfway down the pitch, takes ages to start running, meaning what should be an easy single is usually a run out. Batsman animation for a back foot shot is still too long - he just stands there frozen until the ball is almost at boundary. Fielder throws from the deep STILL smashing the stumps about 80% of the time - again more ridiculous run-outs

- If the bowling is set to hardest, it is impossible to bowl a perfect release - power bar just freezes or goes straight past the line every time.

- Fielders are now almost impossible to beat when Fielding around the ring and coupled with their amazing throws back to keeper, means quick singles are almost always suicidal

- The new slo-mo Fielding thing is far too slow and far too easy - sometimes waiting about 10 seconds while the bar fills to green. This also seems to.make run-out glitches more likely

- Slight improvements to A.I field settings in shorter formats, but in 3/4 day games and tests, the A.I will pick fields without any cover on leg-side for fast bowlers. Eg. I can be just nudging it around for singles and it feels immersive, but then they'll bring a fast bowler on with no Fielders on leg-side but A.I will bowl every ball on my legs for 2-3 overs - far too easy to just clip every ball for 4, even on hardest difficulty. If they don't use this field I'll be on around 20 from 30-odd balls, but if they adopt this tactic I'll be on a half century in around 5 overs - really ruins the career mode immersion

- A.I batting hasn't improved at all. It will just get the amount of runs the difficulty and settings allows per over, regardless of the balls they face. Really takes the fun out of bowling as wickets taken and runs conceded is just random with seemingly no difference to where you bowl at them.

Minor Issues - 

- When bowling in the nets, it's always as a fast bowler, despite my career player being a spinner?

- Can only choose from certain camera angles in the nets (behind stumps) and if transparent batter is turned on, it reverts back to opaque batter after 1 ball

- Commentary is awful, as per, but I don't really care about this. Maybe have a commentary frequency slider so I only have to listen to gibberish once an over instead of every ball.

- Training/Nets/Gym games are the worst I've ever seen, with no.indication of what I'm improving or how, with random numbers being added to stats which don't make sense.

- Fielding glitches - Fielders just running round the pitch, carrying it over the boundary, lying on the floor for 2 runs after a mis-field etc

Improvements -

- Sound effects (bat on ball) are better

- some shots seem meatier and more satisfying and realistic 

- Career mode could be really good if some of the training and stats glitches are ironed out.

I think you hit the nail on its head when you said that it feels like we paid our money to test the game for the developers. I can't say I've experienced everything you've outlined, but I do share some of your concerns. I felt like Cricket 19 was a proper game and they should have built on that platform to make the game better overall. Now that I play it on PS5 with a 65 inch 4K TV, I'd say i honestly believe it has lots of potential, the inclusion of the bowling actions has provided a nice touch, but there is still too many areas that need to be worked on. I've created another thread entitled "Dear Big Ants Studios - Cricket 22 (Urgent fixes)" Hopefully they see it and start to address some of our concerns becaue I'm sure other players across the world are equally disgruntled.
(01-07-2022, 07:20 PM)outicnz Wrote:
(12-08-2021, 11:48 AM)DanteZaine13 Wrote: What are you all guys thoughts about Cricket 22?

Well.  It's not really a big improvement on Cricket 19 really, which is disappointing.  Will I encourage others to buy the game.. No.  Which is a real shame.  

While some aspects have improved, they seem to have focused on gimmicks rather than real game play and immersion.  

1) Wicket Keepers and slip fielders can hardly catch a ball.  So many balls just land on the ground without the fielders evening moving.  This is not realistic at all and really takes away from enjoying the game
2) Frustrating game crashes
3) If you are a bowler, perhaps have an interactive with your captain to help set a field.  They have offer suggestions, and advised on bowling etc...
4) After bowling you can't seem to run and quickly field a ball.  It's very frustrating being stuck watching the batters taking a quick single when the ball is just in front of you. 
5) Game graphics could be so much better

Happy to work with Big Ant on the issues if they want.  But at this stage I would not recommend it to anyone.

They've defintely gone backward in some critical areas and improved in others. Overall, even though i believe it still has loads of potential, it's been underwhelming as you said.
Not feeling great about the commentary, it's great that there are more commentators now as it provides a richer experience BUT (and it is a big but) the comment do not match what actually happened most of the time. Gower will say ' a perfectly timed shot that finds the gap' when I fluffed the shot and it went straight to a fielder' or 'confusion between the wickets there' when I ran an easy single.

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