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What do you want to see in Big Ant's Cricket Game?
For me I'm really hoping that they have used the best aspects of past cricket games and combined it with some good new ideas. Good new ideas would preferably have been run past the fans to see if they feel it'd work.

Also the obvious licenses (as many international teams as possible), along with Big Bash 20/20 and maybe county sides as well. They could also get the New Zealand sides for a dirt cheap price really, as they aren't hugely marketable, but NZ Cricket would love the exposure.

A decent player and team editor (ie: a Footy Factory type thing, that maybe saves rosters better)

Custom tournament maker.

Gameplay time-lengths:
10 overs
15 overs (20 is sometimes too long to play against a mate and 10 overs can be too bashy)
20 overs
30 overs
40 overs
50 overs
Test Match
and a two innings version of any of those for fun.

Decent manual fielding (just have the ball travel slightly slower through the air for that mode to be able to react and move players to).

Saveable custom field settings.

With bowling I'd love manual appealing. It's been a hugely asked for feature in past cricket games.

Just some ideas, I'm looking forward to seeing what others say and if any Big Ant guys can get back to this thread with any clues as to where they are going with this. Sure they might say "Why ruin the surprise?". Honestly though, getting cricket right is something that would function better with some real communication between fan and developer.

After all, on Planet Cricket and other sites, players largely agree with each other about whats wanted and it's only developers who've been uncommunicative in the past and have left it until a month or so prior to release (when things can't be changed) to tell the fans. Do not see the logic there.

The main thing i would like to see is a career mode where you can play state cricket,bbl and international cricket.
I just want a Cricket Game with Gameplay as good as Shane Warne Cricket 99 but maybe I am asking for too much, That game is still easily the best cricket game made.
(10-10-2012, 03:32 PM)Wildfire Wrote: I just want a Cricket Game with Gameplay as good as Shane Warne Cricket 99 but maybe I am asking for too much, That game is still easily the best cricket game made.

Completely agree with you about SWC 99.
Legend is what Legend does!
I think a a game mode similiar to FIFA's virtual pro would be great, where you build up and only play as one player as the top comment said. Id like the bowling to be more tactical than it has been in the latest cricket games, where ive found its just bowl and hope, instead of making a plan to get someone out. Saving custom field settings is a necessity, and it would be great, for the online component of the game, there should only be one option, a 15 over match, because, quite simply, not enough players are on to support other modes, so just one online game mode would hit the spot IMO. Also, batting and bowling animations should be different for different players, one animation for each type of bowling gets so boring its ridiculous. Hopefully you make a good game, but please try to communicate with the community more, because currently you havent done it at all.
A myplayer/career mode, and definitely, DEFINITELY a complete domestic season, I love playing as WA Warriors more than I do Australia. As far as game play goes I thought the latest ashes game (2010?) had a good front foot/back foot batting system, I'd just like bowling psychology to play a larger part in the game
To hell with realism, make it like Stick Cricket.
(10-10-2012, 04:46 PM)v8stfg Wrote:
(10-10-2012, 03:32 PM)Wildfire Wrote: I just want a Cricket Game with Gameplay as good as Shane Warne Cricket 99 but maybe I am asking for too much, That game is still easily the best cricket game made.

Completely agree with you about SWC 99.

Another who liked SWC '99 a lot here too. Was amazing how you felt about getting wickets in that game, it must've had a pretty good logic system for why a ball was a good ball or almost unplayable ball, because both batsman and bowler seemed to get a good feel for it after a while and you knew what you were trying to do.

The thing that I would love to see in a cricket game, is the ability to play (in particular bat, but also bowl) with only one player. So, for example, if I play as Michael Clarke, then when we bat, it should simulate until I am in and facing. Then simulate until I am facing again (etc).

Thinking from a programming point of view, I think if this designed well, it could be easily made to allow you to control anywhere from just 1 to all players in the team, and any combination in between.

The reason I'd love to see it. Well playing test matches, ODI series etc takes a very long time if you are scoring at realistic rates. When you only control 1 player, an innings could be over in one ball. I think it lends itself much more to more of s career mode, as you would be able to play through full seasons or tours in a decent time.

I'm keen to hear what others think?

Also, every cricket game should be dripping with stats - it was one of the things I loved about Shane Warne Cricket.
1. Near perfect Gameplay.4th innings of a test match should be more difficult to play than 1st innings.
2. More animations ie players reacting to the umpires, batsman to the bowlers, bowlers frustrating the batsman, celebrations after taking a wicket, celebration for scoring centuries, umpires taking together to make a decision, captain taking to the bowler in crucial times.
3. Domestic cricket from top cricketing nations.
4. T20 leagues.
5. Player career mode with player improvements, test ODI T20 rankings, Player awards yearly, emerging new players, starting with domestic teams and then earning the chance to play for the National team.
6. Depth in Stats.
7. unlock classic Internatonal teams.
8. Manual LBW appealing.
9. DRS, third umpire decision in stadium screen, changing new balls, snicko, hawk eye, hot spot.
10. Players Stamina, injuries.
11. fielders diving to stop and catch the ball.

There are lots of more other features that we would like to see. But it will never happen. Atleast try to implement new features which would be worth for our money. Dont make us fools.

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