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Playing online.
I've played AFL Live a while now and am moderately okay. I can beat Legend level easily enough, (e.g. won the flag with GWS). Online, I’ll win more than I lose.

However, there's some people I play online and just can't compete against. Amongst other things, they:

• predominantly win the ball in contested situations
• are nearly impossible to outmark
• are difficult to spoil in marking competitions
• when tackled, frequently get perfect disposals away
• tackle me and completely incapacitate my players.

The whole feel of the game (in these matches) is different, like an AFL team playing a Diamond Valley team.

Having had a number of these games, can't believe it's just that some people are consistently that good given the double standards unfolding in play, i.e. stuff they can do that I can't, (refer above list, amongst other things).

I think one of the things is with the contested situations, people make physically big players, who win these contests. (There’s several people I’ve played who have nothing but giants on their teams.)

Otherwise, I’ve been toying with the notion of stats manipulation. For example, anybody not playing up forward (and, arguably, the half-forward line also) doesn’t need the banana goal kicking stats. The defenders don’t need the goal kicking stats in general. They’re just extremely unlikely to be used, so whatever is in these stats can be attributed elsewhere. Similarly with ‘Injury’ stats. Players don’t get injured online. ‘Break Tackle’ is another, potentially, since it’s just not employed enough to matter.

What does ‘Consistency’ do in terms of gameplay? That would seem another which could go. (Still can’t work out what it does in general.)

So, a question for those in the know: are there stats which are manipulated to produce the desired outcomes? Or are there cracks for the game, e.g. removing the salary cap, so you can amp a team up to extremes? I know Top Spin 4 had a glitch which allowed players to exaggerate their stats, but 2K Sports released a patch to get rid of that.

Somebody else told me that, occasionally, (due to internet connections) the game can unfold with minute lag, so the game isn’t visibly disrupted, but it can cause these issues.

Any thoughts?

(P.S. This isn’t just me whinging about losing. I’ve spoken to others who’ve experienced this in some games. So I’m curious).
I think they increase the difficulty when you keep winning, to make it more challenging, so free kicks don't go your way etc. It also annoys me when I come across people who make teams filled with the best players they can fit under the salary cap, compared to my normal unchanged AFL team I use being Richmond.
I completely agree with your first post. I get it too. And for the giant thing, what annoys me the most is you can't even hand ball past over them without it being intercepted. I still don't know how marking works apart from the obvious HOLD Y, yet I still seem to lose every time when I play some people. Break tackle is a joke at the moment. The only time it ever works is by accident. I don't mind if people have a super star team but as long as they are all afl players and not custom. I wouldn't really know how to fix this because I know a lot of people try to make their local team which is fine if they do it honestly. I only play with my custom team (only one custom player) just because I have one so none of my teams are 100%. Another thing they should fix.
Played the guy ranked number one yesterday and couldn't get near him. Don't want to make this sound like sour grapes, but:

• his entire size comprised of giants, e.g. his mids were bigger than my ruck (the 209cm Jarrod Witts). In contested situations, my players were always knocked over. In marking contests, they were always too big and strong. Trying to kick over them or handball over them often resulted in interceptions, where they'd just reach up and snatch stuff they should've had no right to get.
• the bulk of his players were regularly kicking 60-70 meters.
• pinpoint disposal.

It's hard to compete when the playing field is grossly inequal.
Having played the last week online, really wish you'd cap custom teams. Grossly uneven playing field.
online everybody just bumpsbumpsbumps. you're running to the ball and somebody just bumps you in the back. people use it instead of tackle since tackle goes unrewarded. when playing against multiplayer it's just a bumping extravaganza as one person will shepherd you with a bump while the other gets the ball. just pointless playing online really since you can't have a good honest contest. it's just bumpfest. might as well call the game bumpball.
Here's my weekly whine.

Played some guy online. Tight first quarter, two goals a piece. Ball's kicked into my forward line, my player marks it straight in front, about fifteen meters out. Opponent bumps me and forces a play-on. Ball goes down the other end, he scores.

He dominates for a while, gets to a six goal lead.

I rein him back him, get to within two goals in the last quarter. Halfway through the last, I go long. My player marks about twenty meters out, on a slight angle. Opponent bumps me. Forces the play on again. Ball goes down the other end and he scores.

Please, if you patch it, do something about that bumping -- particularly those which force play ons. It's simply a loophole that people exploit.

Reckon much of the dynamic of online competition would change if bumping was penalised nine times out of ten when you bumped into a back, and if a fifty was rewarded automatically any time it occurred following a mark.
Here's a question: why can't you play somebody online if they don't have the update? You can play totally manufactured custom teams, etc., so wouldn't have thought it would matter if somebody has 2011 lists and somebody else has 2012 lists. Only conflict, I would've thought, would be the use of the GWS stadium but that can be mitigated by playing at the MCG.
Have a question for whoever can answer it.

How is it that I've played 8 games online, I have a completion rating of 8 games, and yet it attributes two forfeits to me?

Admittedly, I had two games which disconnected spontaneously, although I (or my internet connection) had nothing to do with it.
(01-05-2013, 07:38 PM)Spur Wrote: Have a question for whoever can answer it.

How is it that I've played 8 games online, I have a completion rating of 8 games, and yet it attributes two forfeits to me?

Admittedly, I had two games which disconnected spontaneously, although I (or my internet connection) had nothing to do with it.

I've had this happen a many times to me as well. I guess it's got something to do with not knowing which person disconnected. As to why it doesn't affect your completion streak, I'm not sure. Sometimes it does and other times it won't. I have 27 forfeits attributed to me and not once have I actually quit a game.

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