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V8 Supercar Game
there is a new race driver game which has up until now been mainly focused on V8 Supercars, unfortunately the new game does not include V8 Supercars but is taking on more of a Need For Speed Prostreet genre. The game is called Race Driver:GRID and it will be coming out in june of this year
What the hell are you on about batool100? Grid came out in 08-09 and Grid 2 came out late last year.
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I'd prefer V8's to a Lacrosse game Ross if you're reading this. Maybe start a vote?
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How much would it cost for you guys to do the V8 Game? With, maybe not real teams (due to licensing but try and get some licenses) but have where you can download teams/cars/graphics from the online community like DBC?

So for example Kiwi fans out there can create Team Kiwi Racing, download different graphics to place on the cars, use made up sponsors etc (like DBC) and then race both their career and online with their created teams?

Was just asking as I saw that Veronica Mars raised over $5Mil on KickStarter for their movie and thought maybe it could be something we tried to try and get a game made?
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Okay so I have been doing some research in relation to the whole KickStarter Campaign and attempting to come up with ideas in order to give Big Ant Studio's what they need in order to be able to move forward with our hopes/dreams of a V8 Supercar Game.

Let me know what you think of the below (and hopefully Ross and Co can provide input as to whether a project like this is viable):

Step One
- Step One for the game would be to work with the V8 Supercar Board to secure the licensing rights for the game in order for the game to be released as V8 Supercars 2016 (think it would take BA throughout 2015 to build the game).

This step will also include discussing with teams that make up the V8 Supercar Championship in an attempt to secure their licenses for the game.

Finally this stage would also see the attempt to secure licenses for both Australian and New Zealand tracks that make up the V8 Supercar Championship.

Step Two
Finalize the details of what the game will include through discussions on this board. I think it is important to start basic, and then build up (give BA somewhere to go with the series).

At the moment I see the game to be along the following:
You will start the career in the Dunlop Series where your role will be to make a name for yourself by performing in each race you take part in.

Throughout the season if you have been performing well you can be signed by a 'Main Game' team as their Endurance Driver for the Pirtek Enduro Cup.

If you perform well in both the Dunlop Series and the Enduro Cup at seasons end you could be offered a drive in the 'Main Game' at which point for the rest of your career you can move to bigger and more equipped teams, you could fail and lose your main game drive heading back to the Dunlop Series or decide to retire from full time racing and become an Enduro Only driver.

Ensure that the online base has been built to allow up to 10-12 drivers to race each other online (even in online championships) with minimal lag.

The online component will also play host to the games version of the DBC Academy in which teams, drivers etc can be created and downloaded into both the Main Game and/or Dunlop Series Competitions.

I think it would be great to have cutting edge cut scenes. For example Graphical Overlays with updated statistics (like the cricket - Races, Won, Top 5, Top 10, DNF, Points).

The graphical overlays will prove important for sections such as qualifying, racing around a 15 minute period with the green and red boxes flashing up at the completion of each lap to show how you are doing, moving up and down the todum pole as your rivals finish each lap.

A cut scene when you snatch pole position with a shot of your car and inside your car to your driver pumping his fists and celebrating.

Cut Scenes of your driver re-entering pit lane and hugging the car controller/team mate to celebrate the performance.

*Many other cut scenes just mean taking it to the next level.

This step would mainly be bringing the game all together. Step three is again further discussion with us as a community about unlockables and trophies. EG: Classic Drivers/Cars for offline play/Single Race playing.

So the idea of it all is to give us a realistic racing game, that is challenging yet fun and easy to customize/update.

The way it works is hopefully someone at BA can find out costs for licenses - obviously the most important is the license for the actual game - and then try and secure as many team licenses afterwards.

We set up a target and have 90 days (I think that is the max) to get to the target. We, and everyone we know, can login and contribute to the license costs and cost of development - you can pledge as much or as little as you can afford - you do not pay any money unless we reach our target.

If we reach our target then everyone is sent a pay up invoice, where the funds go to BA and hopefully our game is put on the list to be created over the next 12 months or so.

The good thing about KickStarter is you are able to set up rewards for people who pledge a certain amount, and you can limit the number of rewards that are available.

For example lets say Ross and Co say we need $500 000 to build the game as outlined above, that will get us the license for V8 Supercars 2015 + the top team licenses and the game development.

We can set up certain rewards such as:
If you pledge $150+ you get your name and its sounding commentated in the game:
Eg: Darryl Fatman - will be entered into the game with commentary (so if you were Darryle Fatman you could create yourself and the commentators will actually say your name during races if you do something worthy of commentating) + You will receive a copy of the game on the console of your choice.

A pledge of $250 will get a copy of the game on the Console of your choice, your name commentated in the game, and if you supply a photo a racer with your likeness will be designed.

A pledge of $1000+ will get you as a Team Name in the Dunlop Series *limited to 24* this will mean if you are richer than some of us and can contribute this amount you can have Ross Symmons Racing Team (RSRT) as a Dunlop Series team that you are able to sign to when you start out.

A pledge of $2000+ will get you as a Team Name in the Main Game (V8 Supercars) to fill in the places for the licenses we were unable to achieve *limited to (however many licenses we were not able to get)*

For $4500 you get your team name in Main Game, car livery completely designed for your team, your name as commentary, your team name as commentary + a copy of the game on the console of your choice.

I mean the average pledge on KickStarter is $25 - which means to reach our target we need 20 000 pledges - obviously if we have some great rewards for some good pledges some people who have more funds than others may jump on board in order to secure additional perks in the game.

By not chasing licenses to Dunlop Series it allows us to sell the teams in there as rewards for pledging and may have some of the teams that really take part in the championship pledging to the game to secure their spot in it - which could also open doors when it comes to sound recordings etc.

If Big Ant were up to this - and agreed to try our luck with a KickStarter Campaign to raise some of the funds would you contribute to it and what rewards should we eye up giving out (and at what levels) to help entice people to donate to our cause?
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^^ that would be great. I know loads of Aussies that are dying for a new V8 Supercars game. I think a V8 Supercars game would be successful in Australia and New Zealand. Unfortunately i don't think it will happen for a while but i'll always be hoping one day someone will announce another V8 Supercars game.
Any word on how we can help make this a reality Ross?
Legend is what Legend does!
They're on the XBox.
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No we need a pure v8 supercars game with Be a pro mode! Everyone in australia would buy it as most of us watch it

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