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V8 Supercar Game
I'm all for having a new V8 Supercars game. However I don't want one to be created just for the sake of it.

Code Masters did a brilliant job with its inclusion of V8 Supercars in it's TOCA series. Same can be said for V8 Supercars's inclusion in the Forza series (Albeit without any Australasian tracks).
Hmm. Big Ant associated with a V8 racing game?

Why can I see that happening?
Hope you guys do make a v8 supercars game, after today's round at Adelaide I think there is more interest than ever. Would love the development series to be included also and possibly even the brute utes.
Is there any update on a V8 Supercars game? I would love to see a new game.
Any update? Would love it if Big Ant did V8 supercars and V8 utes!!!
Would love to see this game adding in development series and utes would be great for a career mode
V8 Supercars is my favourite sport easily, i am also a big racing gamer and something iv been missing is an Up to date V8 Supercars game. I play V8 supercars 3 all the time but i want something with current graphics, teams, tracks, rules and extras as well that make the experience just that bit better But at the moment i am not picky as i just want a new game! haha.
What i would love but i know it would be difficult as sponsers and teams have a bunch of licencing stuff but a game that you start in Utes and make your way to V8 Supercars from Carerra Cup and V8DVS eventually earning money to purchase a team, name it, paint it and race it! maybe even some classic content like a pre-Chase Bathurst, Oran Park, Calder Park with classic cars from the 70's, 80s and 90's. I am aware that it is a big ask so hopefully something like that would be in future games but at the moment i am so desperate to play something new i would be happy with just V8 Supercars in any way shape or form.
If Big Ant could do anything with this series im sure there is a good population of the racing game world that would embrace it.
Please, Please, Please Do something with this!
TEKNO Autosport - #19 Jonathon Webb #97 Shane Van Gisbergen
Red Bull Racing - #2 Mark Webber
Toro Rosso - #19 Daniel Ricciardo
Michael Waltrip Racing - #15 Clint Bowyer
Richard Petty Motorsport - #9 Marcos Ambrose
Penske Racing - #12 Will Power
Panther Racing - #4 Ryan Briscoe
I'd love to see this game with the 'career' mode which DBC14 will offer I reckon I'd be a big hit if you added in some touches like the motor home in the F1 games and a park ferme celebration ,with the commitment Big Ant have shown us this could be an amazing game if its made
After seeing what GT6 did to the Bathurst track (it's freakin unbelievably fantastic, nailed it in my opinion) with the bumps attention to detail, i hope Big Ant can get a license together, add in Karting, Formula Fords, Utes?, or a feeder to the top tier somehow in the form of a manager/career mode plus some classic scenarios (licensing permitted) and each track laser scanned (which should be industry standard?) i think it could be the best racing game out on the market. Grid 2 imo a let down, and the best thing about Formula 1 2013 is the Classic Mode racing cars from 80's and 90's (mainly Williams and Ferrari's).

It just needs the right engine for the game to be built from. Please stay away from the EGO engines. Try frostbite or something else but not EGO.
Yeah it would be great for Big Ant to be put in charge of a V8 Supercar Game, something with career mode and something with some sort of online play - kinda like F1 2013's online championship.

However know that it takes allot to get something going but hopefully Big Ant are there working behind the scenes to get in touch with those who need to be spoken to.
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