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Rll3 Wishlist and Ideas
Players to actually have skill increases during seasons so it might actually be worth buying under 20's players.

Also the ability to send players to Holden cup as well as NSW and Qld cup during regular season.

Those 2 are the main 2 things i want added
Players getting tackle late should be penalised or play advantage but if it's a bad tackle sin bin them or send them off and put them on report
There needs to be tactics for kicks cause when I put a bomb up my players don't run fast to get the ball or put pressure on the backs
When passing to forwards or backs there standing still maybe have tactics there running at speed when they get the ball
There needs to be charge downs or at least players tackling the kicker
When you put the bombs players from both teams should contest for the ball and that can lead players blocking players out
With the video ref I would like to see double movement give teams a 8 point try
With penalties I think holding down in the tackle is a good one ,high tackles,there should be blocking in contest,late hits,holding ball when tackle and more stripping infringements
Field goal needs a arrow
More replays of big hits,of tackles than are dangerous and mid air dives to score tries
Players on tryline should have choice or being defencesive or normal or aggressive
There should be players in a tackle when trying to save a try eg one player versusing one on one there needs to 2-3 come over and hold the player up or strip the ball and that's how you can put the sliding with legs or knees in by try to save a try

There should be able run from dummy half more
Players like halfbacks shouldn't able to tackle forward by himself and drive him back
There should 2-3 come help out and drive back maybe even 4 tackle the forward
Then need to fix up halfback tackling big forwards like Sam kasino have 3-4 tacklers
Maybe you can get reported for a back slam
You need to be able to attempt to tackle someone when they are diving for a try instead of standing there like stunned mullets also the ability of a first person career mode would be the best thing since Gillard left and the last thing logos on created team jerseys they look plain and crap
there needs to more trying saving tackles eg like twisting the player around, pulling him into touch, holding the ball up or trying to strip the ball and sliding with your knees or legs to prevent a try
it cant be just one defender because the attacking team will score more ,maybe have one on one tackles in goal but not all the time and have others come in to stop try being scored and having a button to call players to help or have settings like team defence and when a player is tackle in goal or near try line you have more than 3-4 defenders come and help out and hold the player up.
there needs to be players support this could be improve confidence in players, team, form and coach
so if your team is struggling with form then you might have players coming in to tackle and stop a try but the player scores a try but if your form is good then you save a try
with the smaller players like Chris sandow they can tackle bigger players but need help with them so in the game the smaller players or even other players might get knock out the way try to tackle the bigger players or hold on too them like there legs or body or arm but need help to tackle them like there forwards or some backs
to tackle the big forwards there should at least 2 in the tackle maybe 3-4
a smaller player tackling a forward one on one is unlikely so there should be couple to help him
if a smaller player does a low tackle or comes in late and twist him but has help then it should be alright
the weather should have a impact
the crowds should be bigger in big matches and rivalry matches

when kicking a bomb and other high kicks the player don't chase hard enough and there both players for both teams should be able to go for the ball and contest it to the ground
there should more tactics like team tactics strong defence like a slider or defensive, neutral, aggressive so if your aggressive you run at the opposition to stop them from scoring, they come of the line, neutral they com of the line and hold their line and defensive they hold their line
players should be able to have tasks like stopping their opponent
attacking tactics like aggressive and neutral, for aggressive kicking the ball high they run and try and catch the ball or knock the ball back to teammate and put pressure on the defence
neutral put pressure on defence and contest ball in the air
The message is simple for Rugby League Live 3

EVERYTHING that is broken and wrong in Rugby League Live 2 needs to be fixed FIRST. Once that is done, then new features can be added.
when kicking the ball the ball shouldnt bounce 20metres and go out in touch
the ball should slow down bounce different direction or stop
types of kicks should be in game
punt 40-65
torpedo punt 40-60
bomb 15-30
torpedo bomb 25-50
chip 5-15
cross field kick
banana kick 10-20
The gameplay can improve
There needs to be more tactics like 40-60 attacking,defensive, general and kicking
There needs to be defensive tackles, try saving tackles like hold up on try line ,twisting the player in goal, lifting players into touch or drag player into touch or push back into field of player and diving or sliding to stop the player from scoring
More mid air diving in the corners and have the corner post involved or knocked over and touch judges involved more
More try celebrations and more emotion like getting pumped after getting a turnover and pumping the crowd
Field goal needs a arrow
I'm pretty happy with RLL2 since the patch even though there were a few things that I've mentioned before need looking at.

1 more thing to add to the list.... Make punting easier because I've noticed friends & family have the most difficult time getting the punt right. I can forget trying to tell them tryout the training but there ignorance I think is normal towards not doing so since they are all in the same opinion of it overall.
I would like to see something a bit different in the next RL release. May cost quite a lot to add. Which is a problem. But 3 types of career. Coach, Player. And Owner.

Why not add a new dimension to the game. Sort of similar to Smackdown Here comes the pain. In each one, you are the person you have chosen to be, and have to walk around as them and talk to people.

The coach does his usual stuff and once he takes his place on the sideline you go to kick off and have the option to control your team, or watch on as the coach.

As the player. You go through your normal match day routine, and play the game as the player.

Then as the owner. You watch on from the sideline, have free roam of the ground, even during the game, and have challenges, and things you have to sort out within the club. Then once the day ends. You press continue. And you're on your next day at the Stadium. Doing press conferences or whatever you do.

Just an idea. Or a dream more like. Would love something like this to happen. But cant see it for money reasons.

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