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(06-04-2013, 06:36 PM)azsportza Wrote: Screenshot from Tru Blu Entertainment showing the new logos in action apart of the DLC

[Image: 295683_576129869076929_2143087434_n.jpg]

Lol origin in daytime???
(06-04-2013, 07:31 PM)Radman Wrote: Not really knowing full details of the DLC, but an instant replay feature similar to most sports games would have been the cherry on top of the icing on quite a fantastic cake. So many opportunities gone begging for epic, full slow motion replays from all angles of so many epic tries since release. I really hope this is first on the list of inclusions for a possible RLL3. The share function on PS4 could be tremendous in this regard by the early looks of it. Smile

If you have watched any slow-mo replay in the game, you can see the animations aren't quite there yet for instant replay. I hope though there has been a change to the replays, in that they are longer and actually show how the try was scorer. Often when you score a long range try, you only shows the player just before the goal line running.
(06-04-2013, 08:02 PM)Yuna Wrote: Lol origin in daytime???

We can only hope that this is not a glitch and just a quick play Origin match where they forgot to change the time of day.
will any pre-DLC custom players be affected in footy factory?
I really don't want to redo that long list of players i've created lol
in career mode and compitions mode you should pick your own squad if your coach nsw,qld,city,country,ind sllstars,nrl all stars and all world teams
pick 40 players then each week cut players to get to 25 in a squad
injuries in the game should be more realistic and maybe have more serve injuries and minor injuries but the minor injuries you can keep playing but can make it worst or just struggle the rest of the match
with injuries if there coming back from a serve injury and you put them back in the squad and theres a high percentage of getting reinjured and thats why they should play nsw cup and see who he goes then see wat happens
players should be able to get injured early in the match
maybe in the game players play injured through the year and the injury can get worst
special plays like a ben barba 90m try,benji marshall pass or cooper cronk kick
refreree should say try or no try before going to video referee
going up for a kick there should be more of a contest.
in townsville in winter and other grounds theres alot of dew so hard to hold the ball.
the tap back is good but can get better by having players hitting the ball back more than just little bit and having the jumping for the ball better
you should be able push or pick players in the tackle and put them in touch
THE new patch needs a mid season transfer window thats was really good i rugby league 3 , and would make the carer mode perfect
Looking forward to this. Current teams and logos/strips will be a breath of fresh air. Other features and improvements sounds very encouraging and i'm eager to see what we get. Really good that inside 9 months that we get another patch and dlc.
Here's hoping we can edit original players appearance and a few new faces for some players, be able to pick weather and time of day in comp mode, and at least a better replay system if not fully controllable. And Ray Warren. Lets face it, Voss hasn't been a voice of Rugby League for a while and isn't doing the game any justice at all. Get away from the sidhe feel with that deadset annoying bugger who has been in the games for too long.
^^ would love to see ray warren as the commentator, maybe in RLL3 ?
(06-07-2013, 02:12 AM)KnightsInStyle Wrote: ^^ would love to see ray warren as the commentator, maybe in RLL3 ?

It would take a very very very large cheque to get Rabs to sit there for hours doing all the commentary. It would be good to have Ray, but I can't see it.

I'm grateful Tim Gilbert isn't the one calling.
How big is this cheque azsportza?

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