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Jerseys and Using Logos
(07-14-2017, 04:16 AM)LukeCOYF Wrote: im in need of a Castleford Tigers badge if anyone with any computer knowledge could please help me out. im trying to make new custom jerseys. is there any way to get preset club emblems on to custom jerseys.

Uploaded one for you, but you will still need to color it
These are the jersey manufactures in the jersey creator -

1 - ISC Sport
2 - Asics
3 - Xblades
4 - Canterbury
5 - Classic Sportswear
6 - Classic Collar
7 - Errea
Cool, I can change any licensed jerseys manufacture, something Itchy wanted.
@Bigant any chance of giving us an option of just downloading a strip you like off fanhub without having to download a whole team to get it?

unless there is already a way of doing this anybody can help?
Hey anyone know how to custom create jersey using different default designs cause I want to make 2020 Indigenous all stars jersey

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