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RLL4 Early Impressions **UPDATED**
(07-18-2017, 11:02 AM)Big Ant Studios QA Wrote:
(07-18-2017, 10:52 AM)secondsolution Wrote:
(07-18-2017, 10:29 AM)nbugge94 Wrote: - no changes to coach mode that I have noted. Exactly the same set-up. disappointing.

This is really disappointing. In my opinion a sports game is only as good as its career/franchise mode which sounds to be fairly bare bones again for RLL4 Sad
Here are a few of the major career changes to RLL4

-2018 transfers.- All 2018 transfers up until the 10-7-2017 will automatically reflect in career mode. (EG- Aaron Woods and Kieran Foran will be at the Bulldogs in 2018)

-Player loyalty- This will lead to more realistic transfers in career (EG- Johnathan Thurston will stay at the cowboys)

-Select and manage your own 25 man origin squad from all eligible players

-Be A Pro now has call for a kick- Use the same kick controls as a normal match to call for a specific type of kick.

Am I missing an option to turn on 2018 transfers?

In my game with the tigers, Woods is contracted til 2020 with tigers, Tedesco off contract, and Russell Packer is a suggested signing.
Actually some of the movements are there. A lot missing though.
All the 2018 signings were there for me
I think if you downloaded another version of the player, the 2018 movement disappears.

Looks better now when I deleted my versions of the players.
The ruck is too slow. The R2 should also speed up the ruck like the stick waggle from RLL2.
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It's the stand up animation is too slow that's causing the play the ball to be too slow, gotta speed it up. They gotta find that balance between holding players down and allowing them to get up and play the ball quickly, I think it's there, just the animation is too slow. These days players spring to their feet and play the ball in a second. I can understand if you are on your back in a tackle that it's a tad slower but if you are face down from a good run with momentum it should be much quicker.
Played online twice yesterday and the defence is even LESS responsive than offline.

The worst part of defending is when the opposition make a break and the game simply will not let you choose the man nearest to the ball carrier to change to. It's frustrating as hell. Also, the attack is redundant as set plays are usueless because the play the ball is too slow and the defence is almost ALWAYS perfectly set up at each play.

I've got up this morning and have no desire to put RLL4 on, which is a real shame and a bloody expensive mistake. Too me, RLL4 is like a huge birthday cake with everything you could want. It's got everything that makes up a perfect cake, but somewhere in the mixing process someone put a spoonful of dog poop in there by mistake, so you just can't eat or enjoy that cake!

I've played a few games now, Only on Amateur and there are pro's and cons but defence is the main thing that is bugging me.

-The player switch system is horrible. As stated above if the AI make a break you might aswell give up. I liked the RLL3 way of doing things. The problem is that pressing RB and then moving the right analogue stick does work, But the minute you start moving the right stick to try and complete a tackle you completely lose your ability to switch players effectively. and pressing RB on it's own simply doesn't switch to the nearest player effectively/quickly enough.

-AI sidesteps seem to bamboozle my whole defensive line, not just the player that is being stepped.

-Markers at the ruck are ridiculously slow and there is no need for it. I've conceded countless penalties just due to AI players passing the ball at a player who hasn't made it square.

-Kicking is very hit and miss. It is very difficult to get the kick away, even using the kick set play, the players too often just get in each others way or don't go into the correct position so you get caught out.

-play the balls are incredibly slow, However if it was quicker then you would have no chance of selecting set plays etc in time.

-The "big hit" knocks the ball free far more than it should.

-No support play when making breaks. I can get the plays timed right and make a break but I inevitably get tackled by the FB with no team mates nearby.

- The SL likenesses feel even worse than RLL3.

I am kinda enjoying playing the game but I feel like whilst we wanted the forwards to be more involved/realistic it feels like it has gone too far. Like i've said before it's the slow defending and the horrible player switch system that is bugging me more than anything.
Maybe an auto switch to nearest player could be an option?. We've got every other way.

And why was it not considered?.
(07-29-2017, 09:31 PM)Radman Wrote: Maybe an auto switch to nearest player could be an option?. We've got every other way.

And why was it not considered?.

Auto switch sucks and doesn't work

What happens if you have 2 defenders chasing the ball carrier on a break? The auto switch will keep switching and it just screw you up

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