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What do you want to see in Big Ant's Cricket Game?
i want new features like when batsman gets hundred he opens his helmet. drs,batsman gets edges and more swing for fast bowlers and good commentators and different pitches like in EA 2007.more responsive crowds .
With Big Ant going the simulator route with RLL2, I think as much depth as possible is great for gameplay. Cricket is a sport with lots of intricate details that set it apart from other bat/ball sports. If they can somehow capture the feel of the sport like they have RL, I'll be very impressed as no previous title has even come close. Cricket has really been let down by its video game iterations.

Ross and the crew here at Big Ant, I have faith...
I think RLL2 points towards an excellent cricket game. In particular, I'm loving the abundance of stats in RLL2, and not just for one season, but also the stats over the course of the career.

Cricket is built around stats, and I think if at worst the same level of stats seen in RLL2 makes its way into the cricket game, then we should have a good level of statistical coverage.
I suppose I'm happy for the likenesses and all that fancy stuff to take the fall for great gamepaly and consistency with pitch physics and all that
(10-13-2012, 07:43 PM)VictorTheViking Wrote: I suppose I'm happy for the likenesses and all that fancy stuff to take the fall for great gamepaly and consistency with pitch physics and all that

True, especially if the player editor is of the same standard or even near to what's in RLL2. Gameplay is always the most important thing though.

I agree with you yajivicks...
The ideas that have been posted on here are really good and if they get put in the game we will have a really good cricket game on our hands.

Some music choices while we are playing the game would be good. Howzat would be a good song to be included in the game. Popular cricket teams like Australia could have their own set of music like C'mon Aussie C'mon and Under the Southern Cross etc. Music is not as our important as the other things posted but it would help improve the game.

In Twenty/20 games they could have fireworks and the music that plays in between overs to make it more realistic.

I can't wait to play a new cricket game. Smile
Want to see
- lifelike bowling actions
- choice of celebration after wicket like FIFA
- large choice of modern equipment for customisation

I would rather have only a handful of teams and stadiums if it means better graphics, gameplay and customisation. Make a handful of teams/stadiums etc top notch rather than a lot of teams and stadiums at an average standard.
Hi everyone, nice to join this forum. And Ross, true that you seem more active in PlanetCricket forums than over here lol Wink
Anyway if im going to post something here, does that mean its got a more chance of getting checked out by the dev team than over there? Or was it a bad thing to sign up over here? Smile
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