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9 Season Winfield Cup Mod 1988-1996 (Updated Commentary)
[Image: wc8.jpg]upload images

Most people on here were probably not alive during this time, but Seasons 1988 to 1996 have been recreated. Each season includes all the main players (over 900 in total), Authentic Season Draw, Jerseys, Realistic SOO and International Representatives, Field Markings, Balls, Adboards, logos and other graphics. 

1) A few embellishments were taken including adding some players who retired prior to 1988 or started post 1996, but the majority of squads are authentic. Due to there not being enough NZ players in the Winfield Cup during the 80's and early 90's I had to add some players to certain teams so that the NZ squad numbers were enough to satisfy the International games (min of 26 required). 
2) I did not bother with the change of certain teams names, i.e Sydney Bulldogs, Sydney Tigers, Sydney City Roosters. Personal choice!. Season 1996 in terms of field markings and signage etc is largely just a clone of 1995 which was officially the final Winfield Cup Season....again personal choice.
3) The NRL Career in RLL3 is limited to 192 games, so 3 Rounds in Seasons 1995 & 96 (220 games) had to be culled. All the other seasons have the proper Authentic Draws for that year
4) I had to settle for the Top 8 NRL format so that the field markings were more realistic, but it makes it more interesting with more teams involved in the finals.
5) The World Club Challenge is available for the actual Premiers in seasons 87 to 95, although it is always played against Wigan with largely the same squad over the 9 years.
6) Due to the gravity of the mod, there are sure to be some inaccuracies and errors, so please report any and I will endeavor to fix them over time. This is just the first Beta release, so hopefully a more complete version will evolve over time.

Wouldy for all the Editors, without which, this mod could not have been possible.
BigAnt for allowing the modding folders etc. (and making a pretty awsome game) for all the historical information on teams, players and draws
Dan's Collectible's being the main source of pictures for the old teams and players.

Part One (Seasons 1988 - 1990 & Save File)
Part Two (Seasons 1991 - 1993)
Part Three (Seasons 1994 - 1996)

UPDATE (a few errors in Seasons 1989, 95 & 96. Please overwrite files in the above folders)

Updated Commentary

1. Within the RAR files you will find one main Save File FED001.SAV. Please make a backup of any current save files you have and copy this one into the following directory; C:\Users\XX\Documents\My Games\Rugby League Live 3 (XX being your Username). 
2. There are 9 Folders for each of the 9 seasons. Each contains the following 3 items;
  • Mods Folder: copy the entire "mods" folder into this directory  C:\Users\XX\Documents\My Games\Rugby League Live 3. Make sure you back up your existing Mods folder first.
  • Career Save File CAR000.SAV: Copy this to C:\Users\XX\Documents\My Games\Rugby League Live 3.
  • database_update-0.blobset.pc: copy this file to the following directory (or where ever your game is installed) C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Rugby League Live 3. Again make sure you back up your existing file.
3. Run the game and Load the Career. It will be the one which says Not Yet Begun. Choose your Team, Rep teams etc
I wasn't even alive then and I'm not from Australia so don't have any connection/nostalgia to the era but this looks absolutely incredible, so I'll play it anyway. Great work mate!

Re: your suggestions I completely agree, especially in terms of the forwards. They can be effective but they are not as important as they are in real life, I've gotten better at using them but it could be improved. Hit up button is absolutely useless I agree, more times than not your player who is hitting up ends up getting smashed when you use it. 

I think the stepping animation looks odd in this game too, it's more like a weird shimmy than an actual step. Never played RLL2, but although Rugby Challenge is an inferior game I like some of the animations in that more, it feels more like an actual step with weight behind it. Not that I would expect jukes like in Madden, but something that looks a bit more real looking would be great - 

[Image: tumblr_n1510gYCL01tqtbauo1_400.gif]
Good to see you back Itchy. Cant wait for the 88,91 and 94 mods. I agree with everything you said about improvements and just want to say that your one of the main reasons I still play the game as much as I do. I have the 2 versions of rll3, 1 on pc and 1 on xbox one. Play normal NRL on xbox one and play the your original 94 patch on the pc.
Thank you for all your mods Itchy. Loving the Winfield Cup mod.
Appreciate all the effort.
Any update Itchy when your new NSWRL 1988, 1991 & 1994 mods will be finished. Love all your work you have done so far

* If you are looking for a replacement for Phil Gould, you could do alot worse than Graeme Hughes.

This mod with Hughes as commentator, would be like the good ole days on Channel 10 State Bank big game  Smile
Itchy does it again. Can't wait!

I just noticed you have made a whole bunch of new teams from 1988 to 1996. I have already downloaded some of the Newcastle Knights side and they look awesome. I was just wondering are you still releasing a mod for these eras and if you are, if there is a 1996 mod can you add this jersey to the knights 1996 side. I really appreciate all the mods and you have done so far with this game. It is the main reason I still play it

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Dont know if anyone cares as I asked on the forums for help on my project but got very little responses.

Ive created a whole stack of teams/players from 1996 with full stats. Search user name stan.mckeon.

*all the stats were done by myself
*all player models were done by others - thanks for creating them
*details such as country/state etc are screwed up

To be honest after doing all the stats and finding it hard to find player images I just ran out of steam. Feel free to use them any way you wish.

Shut up Robbie Farrah!
First Post Updated. Decided to Expand the project. Uploading now.....Link will be on the first page.

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