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Don Bradman Cricket 16 Suggestions
(07-12-2016, 06:24 PM)pure_brad Wrote: On DBC 14 was good to see that you could bat with or without a helmet. Seeing Lendl Simmons bat with only one front pad the other day in the Caribbean Premier League be pretty cool to choose weather you want to bat with both pads, one pad or no pads (Backyard Cricket Style).

Before I go off on a tangent... I am not a fan of the one pad idea. If Primary school taught me anything, it's that I have two knees.

Now... I've always thought the backyard idea was a good one (or beach). The option to use Tennis balls... that don't fly as far off the bat on a smaller ground (preferably in a realistic environment) would be cool.

Otto bins as stumps, clothes line to bounce a ball off.. windows to break, roofs to catch off... swimming pool is out.... wait... I may have gotten a little too nostalgic. Nut shots... I want injured players to feel the pain.

Seagulls... and Mongrel Pigeons.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
lol I would use two pads to, but might try one pad or none in a video game because I know it won't hurt.... or I think it doesn't hahaha.

Don't forget one hand one bounce. The options would be endless maybe an idea for Tabletop Cricket 2. Now you have me all exited to play this game.....maybe just maybe our thoughts might come true.

Pigeons defiantly need Bill Lawry doing the commentary for that Smile
It's been brought to my attention that mixed teams are not on the cards. Please someone tell me this is not true... if not for me... won't someone think of the devastating disappointment that is going to destroy Holly and Ellyse when they're told they can't be part of my team?

So yeah... Mixed Teams... should be a thing.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Have noticed that your can select a players Shirt Number between 1-99. Was wondering if you can add one more number option 333 so we can add it to the World Boss Chris Gayle Smile be pretty cool :p

Also wondering if it would be possible to add an option to select a Players number for each format. Or select a players number for a certain team.
Been playing PES 2016 on PS4 lately and really like the option to upload images. Can add Club Emblems and Team Kit Templates for teams that are Unlicensed. Be awesome addition to DBC 17 Academy. Like on RLL3 the PC guys create Retro kits that they can use in game. Be cool to do that on console, but a team that has images uploaded will be unable to share or play online with. Just like the RLL3 FanHub the moded jerseys cannot be downloaded on consoles so same rule can apply for that. Dont know how hard this is to implement but would be a very big addition Imo.
Ask and you shall receive......

Post #289 might give you some help there Smile
Wow awesome thanks for the link border so excited now Smile
I have the game on ps4 and it's hands down the best cricket game ever made, some of the things that I think would take the game to the next level are:

1. Spin bowlers should be able to have big ripping deliveries (like the Shane Warne ball to Strauss or alot of Muralitharans deliveries) i think that would add an extra dimension of realism to the game, I'm not saying every ball should spin at right angles but landing the ball in the rough should add extra spin to the ball and a dry dusty pitch should spin alot more then a hard pristine pitch. because at the moment the game can become very boring when every ball does the same thing and always has the same amount of spin.

2. Injuries, I think adding the possibility of being injured and having to retire hurt or possibly miss matches (in career mode) depending on the injury, and I think that would add a bit of extra excitement to the game and a bit more rewarding for fast bowlers and make the batsman a bit more cautious about shot selection.

3. Stumpings, as it is at the moment you pretty much are never gonna get stumped, so there really is no risk in charging down the pitch, the same if you are bowling with a spinner, it really is a bitter sweet feeling, you bowl a good ball and beat the batsman in flight, and 99% of the time the batter will make it back.

other then that, you guys at big ant are doing a great job, keep up the good work and im sure you'll be able to make an already good game into a great game
Hey guys I have a good news for all who are waiting to play don bradman cricket 2014 with keyboard. I have found a new alternative for keyboard & the alternative is your smartphone itself. There is an application called monect pc remote. Just download it and control Don Bradman cricket 2014 using that. You can connect your smartphone with your pc via Bluetooth or WiFi.
Here is the download link :
I am using 5.0.5 version. If latest version is not supported please download this version.
Idk if someone has already suggested this but im going to ask anyway. In the career mode,
i think it would be very cool to expand it instead of starting at shield level and going to international. You should be able to start at club cricket, where you can use the acedemy to make players, teams, leagues and grades to make a club you may play for in real life. there should be seniors and juniors. Then after performing well at club level you might get picked to play rep cricket. Best players out of your region. After performing well at that you get picked to play state cricket, eg. Victorian Emus. From there u are offered a contact with a shield team, and play Shield and MAtador cup ad big bash. After performing well in that you can have you regular IPL, County cricket, English t20 ect. But you get picked to play Australia A's after that, and finaly after doing well in AUS A's, you get picked for international. Just a suggestion in terms of going up through the rankings. If you decide not to make your own players for club level, you will either have to download some or it will not work. You can have an option to start at either club level, rep level, state level or shield level, but not international or australia A's.

Just a suggestion, Thoughts?

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