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2016 DBC Feature request for BIG ANT.
Hi all,

This thread is not intended for discussion but to list out in bullets WHAT features you would like to see in 2016 edition. It is an easier way to get BIGANT's attention and for anyone to just go through a big bullet list of features requested by users without reading any discussions. Its ok if your request is already seen as a bullet before (makes a stronger case).

My profile : Played 1000+ hours. 'Veteran' in batting. Xbox One.

  • - Bug Fix : May be just in XBOX one but if your controller disconnects and you connect again many bating functionalities get disabled and one needs to exit and rejoin.
  • - Fielding : The fielding changes for every bowler-batsmen combination and is a night mare for someone who wants to constantly move their fields. Please add ability to save and ability to apply same fielding for all batsmen / all bowlers. Going to academy to create new field requires quitting current game.
  • - Fielding : You make a several changes and one invalid fielder cancels out all the 6 changes you make. Please warn on screen if fielding will not be applied than after saving.
  • - Bowling : Please improve bowling experience , its not as beautiful as batting.
  • - Batting : Played 1000+ hours. In Veteran mode some balls on off side are impossible to play and not called wide.
  • - Batting : Ability to play slower shot so that it takes more time to go to the fielder while you can take an extra run. Currently on good timing the ball rushes to the fielder.
  • - Batting - When you nick to keeper or slip, its hard to know what you have played wrong and how it can be improved for next time. Currently in veteran mode we just hope we wont nick. Please provide training or a guide.
  • - Batting - When you play towards third man it goes towards long-on sometimes. Despite very good timing. Lofting to long off might end up in mid-wicket. More CONTROLLED batting please !
  • - Career mode- No emotions in career mode. Like showing parents, girl friend or coach on first 100 or when selected for Internationals or presentation of baggy green cap, Man of the match celebrations, Ability to buy things, Making newspaper head-lines etc.
  • - Genera - Why can we NOT save a game into a separate slot (as opposed to over-writing)? Many times I want to play the same game differently from the same point. Now I have to force kill the game so that it doesn't auto save when the game is lost.
  • - General - When editing your team its hard to pick batsmen as we dont know if they are left or right handed, bowlers if they are spin or fast or how good they are. Please provide critical info next to players name.
  • - General - We stand in the slips all day, bat all night. Can we please be able to play music we like within the game ?
  • - BIGANT may email me for feedback / questions Smile

- Cricket t20 ultimate team

- option to be a part timer

- backyard cricket mode: online up to 6 players

- co Op career mode

- earn money to spend on levelling up through contracts. RPG style.
- Including the womens teams in (national and WBBL).
  • -Batting: Unable to know if spinner turns Leg or Off. Please provide an indicator or ability to see bowling line at end of ball rather than to wait for over to finish.
  • -Batting: When I am batting and the bowling team makes a fielding change please clearly indicate on the screen in text (currently no indication or stadium is shown from a birds-eye)
  • -Teams: All time Best World-XI team and Current Word XI.
Big bash zing bails
animations should improve

batsmen have to muscle the ball to fence more often,instead sometimes he should time it to fence

again for six hit,it should be timing for set batsmen

a set batsmen should play diffirent shots like hidden shots,like unlock new shots as he score more runs in inning

form should be randomised for a change,not playing good inning every time

in test matches, if the batsmen dont play more balls then his runs,it doesnt satisfies a inning,so help batsmen to play more balls & leave the delivery deliberately.only if you play plenty balls (like 50*(100 balls),100*(200 balls) the scorecard looks real, instead of scores like ( 50*(25 balls) 100*(65 balls) this gives a bad game profile

if Big Ants even dont make dbc 16 also we still love dbc 14

respect to the game of my life

Please provide an indicator or ability to see bowling line at end of ball rather than to wait for over to finish.

dear shan,
the is already there. press pause, click on 'don bradman review' click on 'line' press view
The ability to put a fielder anywhere on the field and not just the preset ones. Look up Super International Cricket and look at the way they did the field settings...
in Competition mode , if i play anmy series. i have to choose playing XI after every seires. Can we make same Playing XI for a given series in DBC 16.
when you come into bat you get told which bowler you are facing. likewise when you start an over a bowler you are told which batsman is facing.

please stop the keeper jumping in front of the stumps when the ball has taken a deflection and is clearly rolling back into them.

make close fielding more realistic if at all possible. proper bat pad catches and slip catches off spin bowlers.

stop the bloody commentators saying stuff like 'i'm not sure what they are going up for' when the ball has just whistled past the edge.
- Fielders catching the ball when it rebounds off their own head which clearly should of knocked him out.

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