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*UPDATE* Patch is live for all consoles
Patch is out for ALL CONSOLES.

Here’s a list of changes since the last patch:

– Online/offline 2 player vs AI co-op mode.
– Online/offline 2 player vs 2 player co-op mode.
– Improvements to online gameplay connections.
– Ability to change difficulty in career at any point.
– Ability to skip to career player at any point.
– Pause Menu Indicator now says Partner when in co-op.
– Changed score HUD from KPH to KM/H.
– Changed format of Score HUD.
– Removed difficulty notification in Career.
– Running call sound effects in online co-op multiplayer.
– Removed forfeit warnings when playing online co-op multiplayer.
– Added [P] symbol to score HUD to show power-play.
– Added online co-op difficulty choice.
– Added online versus difficulty choice.
– Added ability to select batsmen before super over.
– Added Lofted sweep and lofted reverse sweep shots – Use LB+LT/L1+L2
– Added Advance grounded shots – Use RB+LT+RT/R1+L2+R2
– Added ability to set fields in practice match, for bowler.
– Improved AI run chase pacing.
– AI attempt to run between wickets more aggressively (should be attempting more 1s & 2s where applicable, as well as 3s).
– Corrected missing delivery sometimes resulting in the batsman twitching – causing run outs/stumpings.
– Corrected batsman slides back a bit towards default position after moving him.
– Corrected swapping to the wicketkeepers position in the batting lineup made you WK in Career mode.
– Corrected moving a player up the batting order, shuffling the rest of the order down.
– Corrected AI shot choices on a free-hit.
– Corrected super over run chase not being aggressive.
– AI field placement changes occur more often.
– Further improvements to field placement selection.
– Resolved applying fields to all batters/bowlers issue.
– Resolved rare co-op save & resume functionality issues.

Big Ant Studios store at
Thank you, merry Christmas!
Thanks Parra - straight back at you (go Eels!!)

Big Ant Studios store at
Thanks in this thread too. I might not be able to get my hands on my PS3 copy again for a couple of days, but I appreciate the efforts from Big Ant in getting this out there, I'm sure it's made a lot of fans happy already.

Merry Christmas to everyone at Big Ant and all the players who're getting a lot more cricketing fun out of their systems before some fat guy in a red suit gives them the very merriest of festive home invasions. Tongue

how do I download the patch?
Thanks to Ross, HBK619 and the rest of the Big Ant Studios team, very happy to see this news it has made my day knowing I can now play co-op massive thanks Smile
Well isn't that crap timing for me, the patch coming out the day after I buy RLL3

Don't think I'll be playing dbc14 for awhile Ross lol. Smile
That's great timing IMO, now you have Rugby League and Cricket to play. Smile

I though DBC would have been neglected this summer, but the lure to hit a few boundaries and take a few wickets have seen DBC find it's way into my gaming schedule.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
A huge thank you to Big Ant for adding offline 2 v 2 co-op mode! Very excited to play that with my mates Smile
Nah man I'm too hooked on RLL3 for now. These career modes in dbc14 and rll3 would have to be the best Innovation big ant has come out with it makes the game so much more playable for longer and you can put it down for a week or two then just pick up where you left off.

I know EA have done it with Fifa and madden but it's just not the same when your not into those sports like most of us Australians are in to league and cricket.

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