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PS4 / XBOX ONE Update when to expect
I play on the hardest difficulty and have done pretty much since release. Granted only against the computer and local 2 player, but I digress most of the stuff you listed doesn't strike me as something effected by difficulty level?
(12-21-2015, 09:27 AM)Hartyharty Wrote: So im guessing we are no closer?

I still maintain we wont see anything before the 9s

Obviously with every day we get closer, if you're referring to no news from us, then as said prior, I am not allowed to announce release dates of anything related to this game, it's not our license to do so.

Big Ant Studios store at
(12-22-2015, 08:42 AM)Pierce_mx Wrote:
(12-21-2015, 10:32 PM)benrhino Wrote: I've seen the sticky and understand that there were a lot of issues on there, but I was thinking more about genuine issues with day to day gameplay rather than kits/career/etc,

Our experiences definitely differ as we've said before because you play more online. Exploits are something that you can never get away from in any game, and thats why I avoid online.

I don't care about the updated kits etc. I continued to play RLL2 with the 2013 rosters/kits until RLL3 got released.

For me, I want a smooth playing game that is for the most part, functional.

I have no interest in playing against the computer. If I have a friend over, we'll play against each other, but if they don't own the game, it's not a fair competition. So I prefer to play against people 'online' who know how to play.

HOWEVER, these exploits you speak of, shouldn't be in the game to begin with... When the guy who does a goal line dropout kicks it, the ball doesn't go 10M, I pick it up and he get's a penalty. Never heard of that rule. Have seen players kick the ball out on the full during play, then they've been awarded a scrum from where it landed... Never heard of that rule either.

RLL2, when you played online, you couldn't see the oppositions selected player (and they couldn't see yours). However on RLL3, both can see each others player selected.

Rage quitters, these guys will quit with a minute to spare, then I end up losing the match due to a sore loser. If people quit from a match, there should be a penalty of some sort. Even just a ranking of how many incomplete games they have finished. So if I get matched up with somebody that has a high number of quits, I exit out before the match begins and find another person to play against. Rage quitters will soon find that nobody will want to compete against them, therefore rendering the game useless online. They can then join the rest of you and play against the CPU.

There are scores and scores of comments that back up peoples reason for disappointment. It just seems like you refuse to see them or take any notice.

I think it's great that you are enjoying the game. But there are many of us (CONSOLE OWNERS) who have been patiently awaiting a patch, which by the sounds of things, has fixed many issues for PC users. Yet there is no word on when this will be released, or even spoken about. And I am not directing this at BA, as I know it's TB that need to sort it out.

To be fair mate I agree with most of what you have said, gameplay is king and this is a massive step up from previous iterations, do you agree?

The 10 meter from the dropout I'd have to check I know from a kickoff if it doesn't go ten and the receiving team picks it up the correct call is a penalty to the kicking team. (It's a weird rule).

I like your idea for not having the player marker, didn't realise that was a thing last time round and quitters are something we'll never escape, and no doubt something better big ant will learn to deal with.

It's a similar case with exploits all games have them, and all games have people who exploit them, it's unrealistic imo to expect a game to be without them.

If I come across as a bit strong or whatever it's only because I feel that from the negative side at the minute there's an awful lot of hyperbole, declaring a game 'broken' for example and making out BA purposefully have tried to screw us over. (Look at some of the comments Ross had about RLL1, that's not their MO).

I'm console btw and understand people's frustration but some of the (I hope) faux outrage and demanding a patch is uncalled for.
(12-21-2015, 02:00 PM)gunns85 Wrote: Blah Blah Blah...

Long time reader first time posting...

I agree with everything gunns says, has a point,

and if the comments aren't harassing or rude well its pretty sad they are being edited / deleted.
If you have an issue with moderation, pm either Ross or myself. OR, have a look at the way you post. Either way the forum is not the place to carry on about it.

As for your question, I'd would assume either a NDA or professional courtesy is the reason behind Big Ant not answering that which they don't. Smile

BTW, Sad and pathetic is making a secondary account to back up your main. Big Grin Which is also a ban-worthy offence. Smile Enjoy your holiday.
The increased rate of censorship here is disappointing. Each paying customer that gets burnt is one less active member of the community. Sure you will argue that you don't need people like that here but ultimately when suggestions or feedback is required in the future they wont be able to provide any. Some of the posters burnt recently raised some very valid points and I agreed with some of their comments they made re the game.

As I have mentioned before, I am in the market for a cricket game, but the way this is playing out have refrained from purchasing DB14 call it a decision based on the principle of the matter if you want, If it all works out with RLL3 in a timely fashion I will be happy to purchase a copy, but all this over zealous moderation and lack of patching is leaving me with a less than positive feeling of BA atm.

No one probably cares but that's my feedback.
If you are in the market for a cricket game and are refraining from purchasing DBC 14, then IMO you are missing out. Totally your choice though. Smile
Thanks for your opinion.
Many more of them in the Cricket section, but for me this game finally toppled Arnie Armchair's HOWZAT Cricket Game.
i see TB have taken their leave and wont return until 2016

no urgency or overtime for the vapourware rugby challenge or a patch for RLL3

it can wait until 2016 is the mentality - merry xmas everyoneCool
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