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Steam Public Beta Program
Wow , Big Ant is going above and beyond anything I have seen for game support and tuning. Great stuff, awesome we can help play a part to fine to tune this game to it greatest potential.

cheers and salud
Don't know if it's a known bug.

Had online guy Kick ball to deadball line very very back of dead zone went over zone didnt count as a dead ball!!!
My players just looked at the ball outside and Online player ran up and scored from deadball zone.I mean the ball magiclly came into his hands and scored lol
up up cronulla
(10-09-2015, 09:04 PM)ET1980 Wrote: Don't know if it's a known bug.

Had online guy Kick ball to deadball line very very back of dead zone went over zone didnt count as a dead ball!!!
My players just looked at the ball outside and Online player ran up and scored from deadball zone.I mean the ball magiclly came into his hands and scored lol

I've had this happen with the dead in goal and out in to touch. I think it's lag.
(10-09-2015, 08:19 PM)ET1980 Wrote: Had a couple of Online games in Beta online Fullback still hanging back or running up to the line having a look then running after try scorer

I think I know what you mean with this.
This seems to be an issue when switching to a player controlled fullback.

The tuning of the AI fullback when playing an AI team is quite good (other than what I mentioned here ), however when selecting your own fullback he will sometimes run up, then watch the attacker run past him and turn around. Hard to describe but happens when transitioning from fullback being AI controlled to Player controlled.

I have noticed that when there is 30ish or less seconds left on the clock (before half-time or full-time) the AI will go from its now more intelligent passing to a more hot-potatoe style. I love this idea of freeing up the passing by the AI with not much time on the clock, however they aren't too good at it.
Pretty much every time the AI will throw a long, loopy 3 man cut-out pass that I intercept almost every time. The idea of attacking passing with little time on the clock by the AI is great, but the passing shouldn't be that aggressive/over the top. Maybe just more forced short passes and offloads, even a chip kick or something along those lines.

All in all I am enjoying the game and the challenge a lot more on the beta branch. The game has gone from being a walk over on Legend, to an actual challenge where the AI plays realistic rugby league, encouraging me to as well. The main issue I have is that I can easily stop the AI from gaining over 10 metres in an entire set by just jumping on them from marker (they keep running from dummy-half). Please tune down the AIs frequent desire to move out of dummy half instead of passing, either that or make them harder to tackle coming out of dummy half.

Thanks Big Ant, keep it up Smile
I would suggest only playing online against people who you know have the patch - it could have weird results between the versions with some of the changes.

If you are, by all means mention online related issues, and we can follow up on those Monday.
I've played the patch for a bit longer and you can definetely feel the difference in forwards, you are actually rewarded for running a slight angle now and if you hit a smaller player you should get the struggle regularly.

When a forward runs onto the ball, the game feels great. Please focus on making this happen more often in a future patch, heck, if the player we chose to pass to from dummy half at first receiver automatically run on to a cut out ball, that'd be fabulous
(10-09-2015, 08:16 PM)mattw36 Wrote: Tuned Full Back positioning and movement in one on one situations

EDIT: The more games I have played the more I have observed how this "issue" is happening. The new defensive patterns of the AI fullback will make him "stick" to his own try-line, never coming off it to defend. So if I my attacker runs through a hole when attacking close to the line, the AI fullback will stay on the try-line until it is too late (that being I have dived in at his feet before he can attempt a tackle or simply run around him as he is on rails).
Once again, the new AI fullback defensive patterns are great, apart from when defending right up against their own try-line, where some tweaking/pro-activeness is needed.

To illustrate this point a bit better I created a series of screenshots (sorry don't have a recording when using PC).

As you can see the winger for the Dragons makes a break 20 metres out but the whole distance until the try the Storm fullback sticks to the line.
I know this is consistent with the new AI fullback movements, which are a great improvement for 90% of the playing field.
In cases like this (within 10ish metres of the try-line) however, the AI fullback needs to move off the line (similar to pre-patch I suppose) once the attacking player enters within 5-10 metres of the try-line, instead of waiting until he reaches him.
Hi pc users who are testing the beta if it is possible to show same gameplay for us console users that would be much appreciated thanks.
(10-09-2015, 07:46 PM)HBK619 Wrote: Thanks for the feedback. Keep it coming!

There were some changes to the commentary today to clean up some of the stuff done yesterday and it has probably caused some ordering issues. Will be fixed up first thing Monday.

The 1 on 1 strips are too frequent still. It seems once you get in that wrestle the AI will always strip the ball from you.

Also, one of the things I hope BigAnt can fix is the ability to pass at the line to hole runners. In this game you can't do that at all. Once you run to the line and pass (usually you get tackled before you can pass anyway) the pass receiver usually stands still until he gets the ball then starts his run. It would be nice if you could run to the line and put hole runners through the gap. This is how the majority of the line breaks are made in the NRL. I hope HBK619 you can add this to the next round of beta patches as I think it would take the game to a new level in attack.
The game is demonstrably better with this patch, just had an awesome game on pro that ended 23-6 in my favour, all from playing smart, using the forwards and then using my outside players once I got into good field position

The AI passing needs even more toning down in my opinion, but it's much more acceptable now

All in all the game has already improved demonstrably with the tunings thus far.

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