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Improving passing
Hey all. Im a long time player/owner of all the Rugby League games(xbox) since the first one. Usually I always play local muiltyplayer with friends, which is good fun.
But something we have all always wanted is a more accurate passing system.
Yes I know that holding down the pass button brings up a four choices(eg. Xbox =ABYX), but they are not enough choices.
The problem I have with the passing is the accuracy is to vague. Quick pass left/pass right is not definite.
There can be 3 players standing to my left, 1 standing shallow, 1 standing too deep and 1 standing right behind me. When I then press quick pass it can go to any of these(usually behind me).

My idea is to have passing system similar to the kicking arrow.
To pass, you press/hold the quick pass to one side and a arrow appears showing exactly which direction and to whom your pass is going. Letting you fine tune your accuracy, so that you wont accidently pass it to the wrong teammate.
The passing errors will actually be you fault and not the games fault. Foward passing would then actually be your fault too and not the current over-running AIs fault.
Who ever has the most accurate passing skill(in real life) would then succeed, making it feel more realistic.
I love to know what people think bout this idea?
What do you think?
"Im struggling to find adequate superlatives to describe this performance."
I don't think that we will have enough time to do that as it would put a lot of pressure on us especially if we are right in front of the opposition's try line and they can quickly tackle us. I think it's a good concept but it's probably too hard to execute in game.
Thats true. Maybe have it as a optional controller layout. Or only have it in the Career mode.
"Im struggling to find adequate superlatives to describe this performance."
Maybe it could be an option for players to use it if it suits them. I would definetely try it out if it came available because I am sick of all the forward passes and intercepts.
I actually support the Broncos but the Raider's logo looks cooler Cool
Its a different take on passing. I can see it happening but they could make it optional
This would lead to more balls hitting the turf and sounds like an absolute chore, it's fine the way it is.
[Image: SYWLAxC.png]
Well, the majority of people I see play, new to the series or not, are constantly "hitting the turf" when they pass it or throwing intercepts/foward passing.
Which leads to rage quitting.
Yes I know its very possible to pass correctly but I just think another option wouldnt hurt.
More options can only be a good thing I reckon.
I only say this not as a whinge, but as a way to improve the quality of the gameplay.
Dont get rid of the old passing system, just give us something different to choose, as im starting to get tired of the passing system which has been the same setup from the start.
P.s. This is the best Rugby League game so far.
"Im struggling to find adequate superlatives to describe this performance."
Neg rep me because I disagree and don;t think it would work okay, thats not how it works :p. The main problem is people are passing when they shouldn't and often times spamming the pass button. I haven't had a problem with the current system.
[Image: SYWLAxC.png]
People who expect to tap the crap out of the shoulder buttons and get away with it are going to be in for a bad time. You have to pass with precision and a little bit of brains.
I "neg rep" you because your post only came across as negative.
"absolute chore" is a bit exaggerated. And "fine the way it is" is non-constructive.
But your last post explained yourself well. So if rep is obviously your main gripe i will give you a point, seeing as you care so much about rep. Jez.
"Im struggling to find adequate superlatives to describe this performance."

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