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So All Versions have Shipped Now?!
Now it's PC's turn for a date.

Correct me if i'm wrong but the Big Ant site does say!!

"There will be an announcement of the Steam release date after the Console version has shipped.

I know with pirate's and all there delaying fully understand,just the waiting game i have played it but rather wait for PC to be fair!!
Cannot stand loading times on console's...

Postive Comment's and No HEARD THIS MILLION TIME'S
be happy it's coming enjoy this song whilst you read this
up up cronulla
C'mon Tru Blu. U know u wanna
I'd like to see a screenshot of the game on PC at the highest settings. That'd be cool
Yes thats what i want to..that Grass running on my 2x 980ti's would look so sick.
Would be able to smell the grass it looks so good lol
up up cronulla
Wow chef, you spent 2K+ just on the video cards alone???
Yeah chef spends a lot of money on his PC's
Keep making threads about PC. 10 in the span of three months just isn't enough.
as long as i know my nvidia geforce gtx 570 card works fine pumping out 60+ frames them i'm happy to wait as long as needed. Too many games for me to play atm. MGSV (pc) And super Mario Maker taking up all my free time. Not to mention I might get fifa16 especially since Our very own Harry Kane stars on the career tab. COYS
Yuna 2.5k lol on cards lol

And SOR DID YOU read any of this at all "Postive Comment's and No HEARD THIS MILLION TIME'S"

IF so bugger off

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up up cronulla
2.5K just on about waste of money chef lol

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