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RLL3 Anomalies
Just a guess, but if you are resuming a current career the changes wont show as it keeps the teams as they were when you started.
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It's not a career issue if I edit them in the fanhub, exit out then restart the game they revert back to how they were.

The ball rolled out of play over the sideline but my mates chaser gathers the ball anyway and scores. How do I upload the video?
Come across a few things since I've had the game, main thing being that the Super 8's system needs be fixed! The way it currently is makes pretty much every game pointless as long as you finish top 8.

Also, since I have my main career with Hull FC, every time I play in the Hull derby against Hull KR, the commentator calls them both Hull on occasion. Hull KR are never known as just 'Hull', they are either usually called their full name or 'Rovers'. It makes all the commentary very confusing.

I've also come across a few bugs which are recorded into my game clips on Xbox One, one being that when I hold the button to kick off, it doesn't do anything resulting in a delay warning.

We NEED a kit and controller selection screen in career! The amount of kit clashes is unbelievable, and I like to play with another player locally on the same career mode, both of these features was included in RLL2. Sadly they've been taken out.

Some of these points may have been mentioned before, I apologize if they have but I'd hope every one of these would be included in a patch.

The overall game is great and well done to Big Ant for making it happen.

EDIT: Just noticed something else, just played against Salford Red Devils and they're sometimes still called Salford City Reds in commentary, this was changed a while ago and there is some Red Devils commentary in there as well as the City Reds stuff.
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Was playing be a pro and score was 12-10 with me losing. As the fulltime buzzer rang i made a break and passed to support to beat the fullback. As he was he in the clear running, he decides to kick the ball into touch.. Righto then
Any news on when a patch will come?
have played 2 finals comps so far NRL and U20s be a rookie and the finals system seems to be a random draw. NRL it was 1 v 5 in first semis and cant remember exactly in u20s but i did come first and it was classed as an away game.
Not a big issue but yeah, just thought id let ya know if it hasnt already been mentioned.
Workington Town's home ground is defaulted as Halliwell Jones Stadium in career mode. It is in fact Derwent Park. Can this be changed please. I have tried to change this in the fan hub edit stadium option, but it won't change.
I have found sometimes in career mode (Leeds rhinos- Super League) on some occasions before a game you are not given the choice to change your lineup and are forced to play the game, and the in the super 8's and qualifiers i never got the choice before any of the games
(09-19-2015, 07:42 PM)krypter Wrote: Testing out this momentum idea. I was playing on amateur, after a second first half I was destroying them in the second, 30-6. Switched it up to pro and they just started fucking steam rolling me. They'd dart out of dummy half and just keep running around my players, every offload I'm screwed because all my players stand around doing nothing while the ball bounces into another players arms and it won't switch away from the player who's tackling. I'm ready to put my fist through a wall.

Never played a game where going up one difficulty is so infuriating. Don't get me wrong I'm so happy to have it but jesus it needs some tweaks. Going up one level took every piece of momentum I had away. It's mostly just defence, I don't see how the opponent AI because godlike on defence where friendly ai is useless, there's gaps for days in my line.

I felt like you at first, there seemed to be a huge gap between Amateur and Pro, but now I find Pro to be my ideal difficulty. I could probably push it up to Vet and Leg, but I'll wait to finish off my current Be a Coach season.

A few things that helped me in defence:

- Always try to start my defence as a marker. I find this the best way to defend as you can usually stop any dummy half runs or one and even two off forward runs from this position. Just hang at marker for a sec until the dummy commits to one side.

- When the computer starts hot potatoing it, keep changing players to the relevant defender in the defensive line. Don't run out of the line using the wrong player, you'll just open a gap for the computer to take advantage of.

- Only sprint sparingly. You don't need to sprint much at all in defence, it can open up gaps in your line for the computer to take advantage of. I find it easier to line up my tackles as well. Give it a go.

- I find I use low tackle the majority of the time as I get fended less. I'll use the right toggle to do dominate/drag tackles only for front on tackles with my big boys or when trying to push the attacker out or into their own goal. Even still, they'll get fended a lot using this tackle. Low tackle is more consistent.

- Don't rely on your AI controlled players to make the tackle for you, that's a recipe for disaster.

- If you see your lacking defenders on the left/right, shift your line left/right using tactics (left or right d-pad).

The above basic formula works wonders for me on Pro and probably Vet and Leg I imagine with some adjustments. If anyone has any other tips that help them in D, maybe they could add some as well.
always control a marker, until the dummy half passes 2-3 wide, then press L2 to change. everytime u press L2 u change to the guy in front of the ball. never chase the ball from marker, as u will leave a gap for the inside ball.

use the right stick to tackle, its just easier and u can activate a drive/drag tackle.
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