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Quitters Discussion
(09-15-2015, 10:35 PM)Ross Wrote: So you are saying you are going out of your way to find exploits and then excitedly report them on here but don't use them.

Cool story Bro.

PS: You do realise you have posted about how you love using exploits online, especially short kick offs.

No, I don't purposely go finding exploits. I play the game the normally and come across them just like everyone here. I came across this blocking one when I played against someone online where they had a co-op and one of the them was purposely blocking my defenders while the ball carrier was running behind him and into the gaps.
Short kick offs with penalty given, short dropouts with penalty given...I continuously play people like this online yet their cheap antics are taken away from them when I defend hard or frustrate them into a forced offload that goes to ground or to my players. Makes me laugh how they score 1 try off a cheap restart of sorts while I'm scoring team tries by playing the game like proper footy. A deep kick with continued defensive pressure, they crumble or barely get out of their own half.
"Will you teach me how to football!?"
cunninghambaa Tonga vs Australia I was winning 26-0 and he decided to quit
Did you get the win awarded?
Are people certain that opponents are quitting? Couldn't there be some random disconnection issues that are beyond the control of both players.
We did pass TRC's with Sony/MS so it should be fine but good point @Frankie, we have been checking on this also as the numbers of quits seem too large.
Well to be honest it's obvious when its a rage quit because you've taken off with a big lead early or closing moments of a game and you score a try to break the deadlock or go pass the 6 point margin and the player is "suspiciously" disconnected from the match. Have been playing ranked online a lot and I'd say 80% of my games result in the player quitting early. Of course some of those quits might be legit reasoning but I find it frustrating when you go up 12-0 early in the game and they just leave the game out of spite. You choose to play online...stick with that, don't be a sore loser about it. Something I've learnt about this game is that when you get beaten, you actually learn from it and want to bounce back more efficient.
"Will you teach me how to football!?"
they are rage quits - 98% of the time they occur just after a try, when the game is already won/lost.
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eastern_brown had my number at 6-0 in first half. i had no answer to his across the ruck passing, patient kicking to the corner ( i got the ball 5 metres out twice in first three sets )

then i scored a try and he starts high shortish kick offs...first one he bats it back and i race away, second one i gather and score soon after... then he just totally loses his patience and im carving.

got up to 29-6 with 8 minutes left and he quits knowing he is getting reamed.

no lag issues, no teleporting...just couldnt handle getting pumped after dominating me for the first half.

such a shame, as he was the best player ive played yet as far as playing good style, accurate with kicks and tricky to defend and hard to attack against till he lost his head.

yes i know ill probably get the win, but its principles... and none were had this day by eastern_b

p.s. in case he is reading and think i spread the ball early...i ONLY did that when he compressed his defence in the middle and was shooting hard out of the line, as obviously that leaves gaps out wide. when he wasn't compressed i rucked it up the midde.
happens in fifa as well, lol.

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