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Everyone's thoughts on rll3
(09-12-2015, 11:43 AM)Ross Wrote:
(09-12-2015, 06:50 AM)BOY LONDON Wrote: Is this game supposed to be played like hot potato?

No. If you do that you will lose ground for sure.
Playing hot potato style seems the only way I can actually make ground
TBH the only part i like about the game is Be a rookie/Pro. Tried Coach and got to 2nd team but its way too easy to buy a gun team. I mean i sold Newton and some other nuffie and got Merrin, Myles, Fergusson, Hodko, Seggy, Pauli Pauli, Lussick, James Roberts and still had 800k left. That was set to Realistic.

But Be a rookie mode is still a good enough reason alone to buy it! and will be the main mode i play!
It's ok. I find it pretty similar to rll2 from memory. I am annoyed there is no online coop anymore so I'll get bored pretty soon I'd say, it's not a great game by any means but it's not bad either, fun for a couple weeks anyway.

Hot potato works fine, AI is stupid in defense so just draw and pass and you make plenty of meters
When a few patches come out within the next couple of months I imagine this game to live up to it's potential.
It's incredible. Having loads of fun in coach mode my team is evolving into its 3rd season and now I'm ready to up the diff, such is my recruitment prowess on the market! I could do this forever. Just simulate seasons, play finals if make them and recruit/release roster management. Looking forward to seeing what the game spawns how much they cost as a teenager and see who becomes the next GI when all the current players retire
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This game has great potential and with a few patches will be much better. I am finding that as the attacking line stands quite flat, the passing seems to be outplayed by the overpowered defensive options in this game. I've tried pass queue on and off. If the game could have a "tap on" option somewhere between normal pass response and pass queue it would create more attacking opportunities and make the game more fun and dynamic. especially online.
I am finding that due to the current engine of the game, that the Auckland nines is the best suited format at the moment. This is just my opinion.
After reading the comments on this board about how the game was a big dissapointment, I was a little worried after buying the game before I went to work. What I found though when I got home and started a career was my favourite game to date (Obviously biased with Rugby League being the greatest game on the planet).

Sure there are bugs as in any game, even ones who have unlimited money pumped into them (FIFA as a prime example). The game itself though is no longer about throwing the ball out wide and scoring pretty much every attempt, it makes you work your way down the middle and use quick handling, working hard to score, just like in a real game.

Ross and co have done a great job in my opinion of replicating what must be one of the hardest sports to make a game for. Thank you very much for making this great game Big Ant!
Currently spectating from the coaches box whilst I eat dinner and my boys just conceded a try so I threw my fork and yelled at the tele. Fck it's good

That try cost me the match and finals birth.
X1: Kulch
PSN: akulch
Steam: Kulch
I'm bloody addicted to the passing drill lol.

Some of the scores in some of the drills are ridiculous.

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