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Q & A with Ross.....
LoL - you didn't tell me about the battery.... just that the questions were crap.

Big Ant Studios store at
(08-30-2015, 09:25 PM)Ross Wrote: LoL - you didn't tell me about the battery.... just that the questions were crap.

Looks like the cat is out of the bag lol
Good, let them go. I hate cats Smile
Wouldn't it have been wise to get the board to ask the intelligent questions and get someone (me) to word them properly so that you could get the maximum amount of information? Jdobz, comment?
One of my questions was for Ross to shed some light on the 16 player online tournaments.

Ross can you go into any detail about this?
Ross, what is your favorite "new" gameplay feature and why? Not 9's or somthing none gameplay related. Somthing like new fend animation, new tackling, speed up of play (right analog), ect,ect.

Cheers and Salud
Will all of the pc fanhub creations be on the consoles
Queenslander for life
Ross.How are you going to Deal with pirate version's of them game as with DBC14 had alot of proplem's with Pirate's.
How have you changed your approch dealing with this?

Also with patch's Don Bradman has had alot of good patch's and Hotfix's new sweep etc,are they plan's to add more to RLL3 after release?

Last one with Online play are there going to be dedicated servers for this and can we hire server's for Online play?

In order to reach as many people as possible the PC version shall be reengineered to run on Steam
Are you doing this with RLL3?
up up cronulla
Online will be P2P, there will be no dedicated servers.

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