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Big Ant Melbourne play test
(08-27-2015, 10:01 PM)BRAB Wrote: fair enough

Game mustn't have much replay value for you though?

It will if it's good.

The first session with it is a big deal for me though.
Very enjoyable day with the guys in the Melbourne store.

Got to meet a bunch of the guys from the forums and had plenty of laughs and enjoyment out of watching them play and enjoy the game.

Worth mentioning that fends and sidesteps will look 'OP' depending on the difficulty the guys were playing on (if they jumped straight in - then it'll be on Amateur, a difficulty where evades are a lot easier). Not only that but it'll be dependent on the players using the mechanics that they won't have learnt having just jumped into the game too (ie - Arm pins are more easily fended/low tackles can be side stepped more easily, etc.).

From what the guys were playing against the AI on higher difficulties, it certainly wasn't 'fend city'.
I was wondering if you guys can answer specific questions about the game on these forums now HBK?

All good if you still can't
A few things from the top of my head
- bit of variety in injuries do your acl gone for 6 to 12 mnths head injurys one I had while playing was a bruised shoulder some shit like that.

-career mode is infinite you can change from be a pro to coach and so on as players retire and new generated players come through.

-Mid season transfers are in.

-Spoiler alert if you play on harder levels you will find it hard to make First grade in your first year. Also won't be playing nines in your first year.

- Replays are long as hell for me on the same level as Fifa even better.

-World Cup is in career mode just not licensed

-stats are accurate forwards dominate metres as do fb

-highlights are in

So much more info others will tell you guys. Hope I didn't spoil it for you guys
Kingcutty that's all i wanted to know Big Grin was it hard of BA to say lol

Also this is Final version or they fixing bugs and stuff still?
up up cronulla
Cheers for the info Cutty
I'm sure it was final ET

All good my peeps
Does the A.I still run straight?
Great stuff kingcutty!
From heaps of videos so far I'd say no

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