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Ultimate Team for RLL4
(08-21-2015, 08:48 PM)SOR Wrote:
(08-21-2015, 08:46 PM)napa Wrote: Got fifa15 never play ultimate team caz its money grabbing garbage

This man brings up a good point. Pretty sure a lot of gamers out there drop 10-20 dollars for "points" to get more Ultimate Team cards or whatever.

Pay to win.

Would be awesome if they brought Ultimate Team to RLL. I love the whole fantasy league type style of it Smile..

as for FIFA 15 Ultimate Team, paying for points doesn't mean you become the best player, nor does it mean you automatically get good players. I have not paid a cent on my Ultimate Team and my teams decent, 85 overall Tongue .. YouTube: Mortician14 No Cash Flow that's the perfect example on why you don't need to pay money, when grinding is just as efficient.
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So much more fun when you don't pay for points to get packs, more of a challeng.
I built a cheap but capable team that got me to the top divisions and gradually upgraded each player one by one. Haven't spent a cent on points or coins. With the element there so many people take it up though. Would be cool to see a RLL UT at any point.
Don't they make you pay for cards for this in FIFA? If this is the case then no thanks.
They could do it like MADDEN did back in the day and have a fantasy league/draft. Not sure if they will do this
no they dont make you, you just can buy them.
Madden way back in the day (Early 2000's I believe) had cards you'd earn from accomplishing certain tasks in a game.

RLL2 had that as well but you could never do anything with your experience points. Imagine if you could cash 500,000 experience points for 50,000 packs of cards? Would be cool.
as long as u cant pay real money to get an advantage. it needs to be fair, and not with a commercial agenda
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Well back in the early 2000's the technology of paying to win didn't exist so if RLL4 were to adopt the card system that the early 2000's Madden did you wouldn't have the opportunity to pay to win.
(08-21-2015, 07:37 PM)TomFord6 Wrote: No KFC

Would be amazing though. NBA MyTeam is the best mode on any game I've ever played on any console.

Oh jebus. The humanity!
Big Ant please please please make Rugby Challenge. That's where the money is baby. Aim for release pre World Cup 2019.
Microtrasactions would be a good way for Big Ant to net some coin but it would be about not making them overpowered and unfair. Coming up against Messi and Ronaldo in the division 10 (The lowest to elaborate) was a massive turn off for me.

Play to win is always my desired path. Gives me more value out of the game I payed $90 for building my team from the bottom to the top by playing the game. Feels heaps more rewarding also.

I think everybody would find it really cool if legends were in this like they are in FIFA UT. Would be brilliant to have legends like Reg Gasnier, Clive Churchill, Wally Lewis and more recent ones like Johns, Lockyer and Fittler as extremely rare prospects in packs.

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