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Trailer finally we get it
Sooo... Who else is counting down the days intill rll3 comes out
i know there's 1 week, 5 days and 5 hours till Mad MAx Big Grin
up up cronulla
(08-20-2015, 03:59 AM)Pickle Wrote:
(08-19-2015, 11:13 PM)Ross Wrote:
(08-19-2015, 10:44 PM)roostersule2 Wrote: I don't agree with you but you're correct in your second paragraph.

Any type of negativity is immediately struck down.

It doesn't help when the head of the company does it too though.

I agree with criticism that's warranted and supported.

I don't have to agree with you if you're being a cock.

I have never seen anything quite like that.

Ross, your speaking to a potential customer. Regardless of whether you agree with his opinion, you cannot take it personally and speak to him like that. As a company owner myself I find it jaw dropping that you can behave like that on your own company forum.

What impression do you think that gives out to your customers of your company?
More to the point what do you think Tru Blu would think of it?

I would be staggered if they thought it anything less that completely and utterly inappropriate and if I was linked with your company in any way I would be disgusted.

If a customer doesnt like the quality of my products or prices, no matter how vocal they were about it, I would simply say to them that hopefully in the future we could provide them with something that would fit their business. You cannot take criticism, no matter how poorly delivered personally.

If I was the person in question here, I would be sending copies of these comments to Tru Blu as I think they way you have behaved is quite frankly disgusting and I think you should re evalute and send a sincere apology to the person you manhandled.


I find your attitude quite frankly outrageous and exemplifies what is wrong with the "customer is always right attitude" that purveys our society - sometimes they're not and they need to be told, and I just choose to tell them in the same language as they've used, nothing more nothing less. This was not a post about price or constructive feedback, it was ridiculous and I merely pointed that out.

It's the same old same old dish it but can't take it attitude. There are quite a few on here that love to hand it out and then complain "I can't believe the CEO of a company actually came back at me" - what do you expect me to do? Oh, yeah, you'd have me say "Thanks, can I please have some more? Please?" - no chance.

I am surprised that anyone here is surprised that I'll stick up for my team, my company, and myself. You should get off your knees and try it sometime.

Big Ant Studios store at
up up cronulla
(08-20-2015, 10:27 AM)SOR Wrote: Not to really get involved in the discussion but I'd like to point out that I've posted criticisms on this board before and never had an issue with a post getting deleted. I try and be constructive with my criticisms instead of throwing out insults but I've seen a lot of insults remain on the board.

Only thing that gets deleted around here are fights.

We love constructive feedback and people pointing out faults that we can fix. DBC was built and evolved based on that cycle.

Big Ant Studios store at
Yeah planet cricket is a living breathing example of the fact that Ross+team are always willing to take on constructive criticism.

Sure you'll still get the idiot who whinges that there's no pitch marker and the game looks like shit and such, and they cop it

But if people come out and genuinely have constructive criticism for the game, people listen.

"All da likenesses look shit" isn't constructive is it? It's an overexagerated, subjective opinion that does nothing to help the development of the game.

"Graphics look like PS2" is not only wrong, but again, not contructive.

"AI only runs in straight lines and doesn't try to make proper plays" is constructive because it's a problem that's identifiable, quantifiable and can be fixed.

Just quietly, the GRAPHICS of the game are gorgeous, not that far away from the AAA titles. It's the animations that really show its on a lower budget, but we haven't really seen a full game yet, so probably worth reserving judgement for now.
I'm with Brab on that fully listened to us "THE SUPER FIELDERS" Remember that badboy lol
They'll keep this game upto date and show alot of love for gamer's and us annoying people
up up cronulla
Big Ant have taken plenty of feedback about things I have seen as deficiencies in their game. If I word it constructively, I've literally seen responses agreeing that there is a problem in that area and an intention to do what they can. Which has been followed through on more than any other developer I've ever seen.

Praise is obviously appreciated, but they don't only respond to that, but proper critical analysis of their games. In fact I would say they crave it, to make their games better.

Roosterrules is basically stating that he has a right to post negative and deconstructive feedback and that Big Ant should just cop that, because he thinks it's his right. Maybe on a neutral forum like Facebook.

Ross has a right here to defend his team, his work and passion from what is basically attack.

It is Ross's right to respond as he sees fit to rude, negative, distracting and deconstructive feedback. Every time he has to reply to it, is time he's not replying to good questions or constructive feedback.

Honestly the fact that RLL2:WCE fixed many problems people had (Including myself) with the original RLL2 is proof that Big Ant listen to the fans and enjoy knowing what people like and do not like.

Hell, if you go back to 2012 and find threads asking what people want in RLL3 I'm sure a lot of answers would be "Instant replays" or "Be A Pro" and you now have that.
(08-20-2015, 10:54 AM)roostersule2 Wrote: Yeah it's pretty obvious I'm right and you're just avoiding it. I can't remember the whole argument, I did remember that detail however and you've completely avoided it.

Maybe not a whole lot but the majority of them are for people who speak their mind about the game, which you seem to love apparently. It's only a one way street though isn't it?

I'm avoiding it by answering directly that it did not happen - clear enough for you? Probably not.

Yeah. We never listen, we never implemented anything on any game that was requested by fans, you're always right. Whatever. Next.

Big Ant Studios store at

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