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Can't be serious all the time.
(08-19-2015, 04:57 PM)SOR Wrote: Can't be serious all the time.

Sor's account hacked confirmed. Or he's that bloke from Inala who won 20 mil.
How could someone hack my account? And why would someone want to?

It's not like I'm Ross or anything, lol.

ANYWAY, Back on topic. Disregard SOR and the practical joke I had with a couple of you. Lets not leave more posts for Ruck to clean up.
I was going to say that really wasn't a practical joke. But if you amused yourself I guess it counts.
Well it's definitely not Dylz on SoRs account.....

I don't understand what you were going on about SOR, if it is you.
Then again he could be pulling the joker card to cover the crazy...this threads too good ruck don't flush!
(08-19-2015, 04:51 PM)Ruck Wrote: Does anyone know SOR personally? Cause they might want to explain his impending ban.

Do it.
Nah, I was on the Misc and just randomly posted an open ended copy/paste and expected someone to just start laughing and accuse me of being crazy and that'd be the end of it.

Then I saw that Yeti was concerned and figured I'd post another one just to see if he'd catch on and he didn't. Then BRAB came along and yeah it all kind of evolved from there. I'm human, I like to have fun. Ruck didn't find it funny, I did. I feel bad Ruck had to delete it (I planned to myself) but such is life. I feel bad Ruck had to go through my nonsense and delete it although I liked the "Are you on drugs" GIF someone posted.
It was just really unusual.
I can smell the crazy

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