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Random Stuff being discussed this week.
Good work Jasche, good work.
Jasche getting people sacked since '15
(08-13-2015, 10:33 AM)BRAB Wrote: [Image: GEu99Gc.jpg]
Unlimited career mode confirmed

Is it just me or does that bit about Career Mode make it sound like Be-A-Pro and Franchise Mode are the same mode. You just choose to be a player for Be-A-Pro or coach for Franchise. Maybe if you are a player, you move on to coaching when you get too old and it goes from playing like Be-A-Pro to playing like Franchise.
it is confusing. if you want a traditional franchise mode like in FIFA/Madden where u play as the entire team, u are a coach in RLL3 career mode. if you want be a pro mode where u play as a single person only, u are a player in RLL3 career mode.

thankfully we can have multiple career modes running simultaneously, so we can play as both franchise and be a pro.
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It's not hard at all.

In Career mode, you have 3 choices

1. Be a rookie - Play as one player where you create a player from scratch and start off with minimum stats
2. Be a star - Similar to 1 but you get to pick an existing NRL player so you don't start from scratch
3. Be a coach - AKA Franchise mode
Hi yuna is the be a coach option allow you to coach the u20s the feeder team and the 1st grade ?
Can't wait for a Broncos wooden spoon..
No, you just get to coach the main team. You will however be able to get recruit players from your feeder team into your main team
(08-13-2015, 02:31 PM)mattystorm1987 Wrote: Hi yuna is the be a coach option allow you to coach the u20s the feeder team and the 1st grade ?

Don't bother asking Yuna questions about the game. He doesn't know any more than the rest of us, but he will happily make up answers for you anyway.
But Yuna was correct....
(08-13-2015, 03:43 PM)BRAB Wrote: But Yuna was correct....

Thanks for backing me up Brab but I understand some people just won't take any answers unless it comes from an "official source" even if the answer just takes a bit of common sense to figure out.

Reminds me of people that were still holding on to the June 30th release date even when it was just 1 week out from it lol

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