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The Thanks Thread: To Ross and Big Ant
I was searching the RLL3 forums for a thread dedicated to thanking Ross and the BA team for all of their hard work so far.. and couldn't find one!

I think this is reflective of the type of community we've become. There are countless selfish threads dedicated to receiving, such as "I want this.." and "when will this..", and none to giving thanks for what we already have.

I've been guilty of it myself (fuming - haha). But after the incredible content that's been put out over the past few days it's apparent Ross and BA have worked tirelessly on this title and it must be really difficult being crucified by some regulars here because it's not up to their unrealistic standards.

My aim with this thread is to have one spot for people to post a message of gratitude for everything Ross and his team are doing for us, without messages of feature requests and criticism. Talk about the things you love based on what you've seen so far. Encourage and be grateful we have such talented people working on this for us.

I'll start.

Thanks Ross and Big Ant for the phenomenal work you have put into this project. The visuals look amazing and truly next-gen. The FanHub is extensive and I've already spent many hours playing around in there. I appreciate all of the information and content you've provided us pre-release and the hours you've spent communicating to all of us on these boards. Keep it up, and please relay this message to the rest of your hard-working team in the studio!
Yes this is true Azza like ya so +1 rep mate Big Grin couldnt be more right
up up cronulla
Thanks Ross
Truly great work. Cheers ross and the BA team
Great stuff azzae, you're spot on! Was reading the forum this morning thinking the same thing. I even up rep'd Itchy as his post actually showed some gratitude towards what they have done.

Appreciate all the hard work BA Team!
Thanks Ross & the BA team also TB thanks. My biggest thank you goes to whoever decided to allow us the consumer to have our last names is the game. I cannot thank you enough.
yeah thanks BA/Ross/RUCK viva Le Football (league)
Heart Jillaroos and Kiwi Ferns for RLL4 Smile
Thanks to the Big Ant team and Ross for making my most anticipated game of the next year - yes even more than Star Wars Battlefront or Uncharted 4! And a special thanks to Ross for taking the time to answer all our annoying questiosns. Now give us some Super League content - that's a joke!
Too true, BigAnt are pushing Niche sports titles to the limits and this is easily the best time to be into Australian sports games.

We're getting a defined, natural, significant progression in each sports game. I honestly thought DBC was the extent BigAnt could go in terms of visuals but RLL3 looks absolutely beautiful.

Even in the kicking drills, the lighting of the night sky and in late afternoon is awesome. Love love love the grass as well.
Thank you Ross.

And thank you HBK for all your help.

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