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Next FanHub Update?
We could not release the FanHub until the 9's announcement and video as we have 9's Jumpers in there.

There will not be a fully playable game in the FanHub (9's or not) - there will be a playable part of the game.

Big Ant Studios store at
booooo, no 9's demo on fanhub Sad

So which playable part will be included in the fanhub update Ross. Will it be something that is scoring base so we can have a friendly competition here until the game is released Big Grin
That's a shame Ross

Is the fanhub ready for release or does it still have work needed to be done before its put out tomorrow?
Release it now Ross Big Grin just for us Big Grin Big Grin
We won't tell anybody
Well, it is Wednesday now.
Press the button Ross, press the god-damn button Big Grin
Ross said it'd be out by today, what's the hold up? It's been 10 minutes!! Tongue
nth's happening, I'm going to bed Sad
If ET1980 is going to stay up all night waiting for it to go live, it would be only humane to at least let him know not to bother if it isn't going to be any time soon I think.

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