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Franchise Queries
i need to know a few things that are a bit ???

why does the stat hexagon change when u change the training, enduro/def/att/bal - what does this represent - current or projected stats for the player or what else?

What do the arrows mean next to the players - morale, or form - and should i select players with arrows going up for best results, or should i focus on a player with a down arrow, to swing it around - can they swing it around with a spell on the sidelines, or do they have to play to swing that arrow upwards

Can you change difficulty and match minutes in offseason

im looking forward to tonight - my first offseason, i wont make the finals - the board will convene in the boardroom to discuss what needs to be done to improve for 2013

My ultimate goal is to sign GI, but i realise it could be a while away if he isnt off contract
As far as I can tell you need to play with someone to change the arrow, but I don't totally know what it means, does it give a stat boost? I assume it's confidence?
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confidence or form or morale
i have 2 guys i cant swing - mcrone is ALWAYS down, no matter what training i give him, or no matter my results in matches - he is just a sour puss, yet still will be my #7 for years, coz he is the one and only Mcrone!!!!!
Isn't it form? It is detailed in the instruction manual.
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Is he getting plenty of touches in the game? try's/assists/line breaks/40-20s? I find the players get down a bit if they're not getting the ball often enough or if they've had a bum game - missed tackle, error, penalty given, etc...
Hoops: Undoubtedly the whitest, least likely doggies supporter in all the lands!
"Can you change difficulty and match minutes in offseason"

Yep same question I want to know the answer to
Nope. One big flaw I have found with career. I have finished my first season in pro and even though I got the spoon very convincingly I am ready to up my level to vet. But now I need to start over. Bit of a shame.
Yeah that would be a massive oversight.. Even not being able to change the length of matches? I generally in the past would have shorter matches in the season and long matches in the finals. Might need to play around in other modes till I'm ready to do a franchise on the highest level at least.
Yeh I couldn't see a match length option either. I'm with you there. I am playing comp mode until I am ready for legend career.
well thats not good at all - i have prepared for this and done 20min matches on vet

IMO 20min matches are the only answer to get realistic stats and scorelines
10min matches there is way too much golden point going on

So the arrow is form? - i havent read the manual apart from controls

Yeah Mcrone kinds draws the short straw for the raiders - Campo is a weapon, thus mcrone is a poor mans campo - i seldom find him doing good things, usually has an error in the detailed stats too......i will focus on Mcrony and try and turn him around - i notice the less turbo boost you use the more connected the ball player is to his teammates in regards to passing and the support running lines - as soon as u boost turbo, your playing solo and kinda outrunning support an making the lines redundant, which Mcrony needs to use more of

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