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(07-08-2015, 09:55 PM)jacktigers Wrote: I think its a trailer that was made earlier as none of them players look like that now on the fanhub.

Our FanHub and Big Ant's FanHub are TWO DIFFERENT THINGS!!!!

I'm liking the work that the Big Ant crew are doing with likenesses... means I can just sit back and wait. Smile
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
I didn't say it looks shit. im just saying the players in the trailer don't look updated like the ones in my fanhub. you's all have a habbit of taking things people say as negative comments. relax guys. yuna you post some strange things at times and I don't have a go at you so backoff.
Most wern't having a dig mate they were just saying the liknesses can be found under the 'community' section shared by 2 dev not under the localy available players you find under 'players' section
Youre the one getting hostile, negative repping everyone who calls you up on your mistakes.

Saying the trailer was recorded ages ago? When its clearly identical to the two sides tonight, and then someone tries an alternative to your problem and you negative rep them aswell?

So weird.
Omg who the hell cares when they made the teaser just lets all be grateful we got one
Love the negative rep for giving some honest criticism.
I for one dont really care if they made it 6 months ago or yesterday, im just happy i got to see what the game looks like albeit for a short time
Very true, best thing I've seen tonight that's for sure
This game's looking awesome Big Grin

Excellent work Ross and the whole Big Ant team, looks like something you can be immensely proud of!

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