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RLL3 Q & A with Sebastian Giopaolo from Tru Blu Entertainment
Sebastian Giopaolo is he the Boss of the whole game?
He is the boss of TruBlu, the company that owns the rights to make and publish an NRL game.
Why even say that he told you stuff just get's peoples Hopes up man just should of said nothing lol
up up cronulla
(07-06-2015, 07:05 PM)ET1980 Wrote: Why even say that he told you stuff just get's peoples Hopes up man just should of said nothing lol


Oh guess what, Keith actually pmed on facebook about specific details on be a pro mode like how you can call for passes, kicks, hitups etc etc. Also he told me the approximation of the release date, but I promised him that I will keep my lip sealed, sorry guys Sad

But don't worry, I can tell you now the game will be available very soon Smile
Exclusive screenshots for nudes is his next move.
I'd be up for that.

Keith would certainly be getting the worse end of that deal.
Driest interview I have ever seen
(07-07-2015, 02:10 AM)Steeler Wrote: I'd be up for that.

Keith would certainly be getting the worse end of that deal.

Your selling yourself short playa
I was going to post this in the other thread because BRAB said that the interview was bad and I wanted to make sure so I give to you. A REVIEW OF THE INTERVIEW. Kudos to my buddy TomFord giving me a link to this thread.

To give some feedback (If it's not mentioned assume it's okay/good/great):

Paraphrased Question 1: Why do you do this?

Paraphrased Answer: For money

Comments: It's pretty obvious these guys are in the business of money. It's a silly question to ask but I can appreciate what he was trying to do. He was trying to get an insight into whether or not Sebastian is passionate about making games but the better question would be "How passionate are you about your projects?".

Paraphrased Question 2: Is RLL3 going to be better than the other games?

Paraphrased Answer: Yes

Comments: I assume this is in there for them to hype the game which is cool but Question 3 mentions nothing of it. I'd have a follow up question of "How?" or "Why?" but the interviewer never goes for it. Okay so we know the game is going to be better but why should I buy it? Even if Sebastian just regurgitates information we already know it's still better than a one sentence response saying it's better.

Paraphrased Question 3: Do you want to build upon RLL2's success?

Paraphrased Answer: Yes

Comments: It's obvious. It's a very obvious question and usually as an interviewer you should want to ask questions outside of the box. Even if you want to ask that question I'd probably phrase it differently. "How have you built on the success of RLL2?" is a lot better because the interviewer isn't playing dumb. It shows the interviewer has common sense and knows that nobody is going to say "Nah man, we're just breezing through not building on our success". Again, no follow up question asking how or why.

Next questions are pretty good until Question 7

Paraphrased Question 7: Are more mainstream artists going to be in the game?

Paraphrased Answer: No. We have a limited budget

Comments: This should have been obvious to the interviewer. They're a small company and before you interview someone you should do your homework. They aren't going to have Metallica playing in the menu screen.

In my classes we're taught never to ask a question without kind of knowing the answer. This might sound silly but the point of this is to be able to ask solid follow up questions to reveal more information. For me, this question would have been skipped entirely. Even if it was revealed that major musicians would be in the game who really cares about that? As Sebastian said, iTunes exists and with YouTube out there you can play whatever you want during a gaming session.

Question 8: Any club songs?

Answer: No. (Literally no, no paraphrasing here)

Comments: Who cares? Honestly, I think there would be maybe 10 people who actually want that. This is another question that shouldn't have been asked.

Question 11: Have you tried to make the game have a more genuine feel?

Answer: Yes. We're doing what we can with our budget

Comments: Again, a silly question. He's not going to say "no". This would be a good question to get him to say that and then ask him how he's done that but instead we just move onto Question 12 with no further comment about how the game has been made more genuine.

Question 12: Will fan reaction be better in this game?

Answer: Yes.

Comments: Dumb question. Most people don't care about the in-game fan reaction and for those that do they haven't learned anything new. The interviewer hasn't asked how he's got the answer of "yes" and then awkwardly looked down at his piece of paper and asked the next question.

Question 15: Who will be on the cover?

Answer: Wait and see

Comments: Just a bad question again. People in general do not care who is on the cover and those that do are already buying the game anyway.

Question 16: The fans think they know how to market this game. Can you reveal what we'll see?

Answer: We're going to have a good product and the fans will come

Comments: This is a good question but it's not worded right. The ideal question would be "Hey Sebastian, the fans think they know how to market a game. How do you feel about a bunch of 16 year old's with acne telling you how to market your game?". That way you still get a response but you also get an opinion from the guy. That could lead into questions about how he took the comments of the early released screen shots and the negativity. Instead the interviewer has gone with a dull question and has got a dull PR answer.

Question 17: How long have you been making the game for?

Answer: 2 years

Comments: Who cares? Okay, I understand that some people are interested in the creating process but wouldn't the obvious follow up question be "What goes into making this game? Could you share a general time line for the people who are into that kind of thing?". That way you have something exciting and new for your article.

Question 18: Do the fans like their names in the game and do they like the opportunity to be "hands on"?

Answer: Yes

Comments: Again, obvious question. Of course the fans like being involved and getting to play the game early. The obvious follow up would be "How much of the fans feedback is taken into consideration?" but again, nothing related to the original question in the next question.


Result: When I first decided I was going to "review" this guys interview I was expecting a decent interview that I could just give some constructive criticism to. I apologise in advance that this post has been so long.

Jasche, I like you so don't think I'm picking at you but 11/20 of your questions were bad or were "who cares?" questions. You came off as just a fan and nothing more and whilst that could be what you are it's definitely not how you want to come across in an interview. That's why Sebastian literally gave you one line answers. He probably figured you had no idea what you were doing and just wanted it to be over.

When I first started telling people I was studying media in hopes of becoming a "radio personality" I got a lot of people scoffing and saying "You have to go to school for radio?" and the answer is yes. Sure, everyone can go into a studio and just talk but the difference is whether it's good or not. The difference between a Jasche interview and a SOR interview is education.

Jasche had a phenomenal chance to interview a high level person involved in this game and he kind of blew it. Around this time we knew nothing and the only new information revealed via the interview was the commentators. There was nothing exciting about the game to make the average punter go "Wow! I need this!" whilst the hardcore fan learned nothing new.

My main man BRAB was right, this wasn't a strong interview. Hopefully my constructive criticism helped you and you can do a better interview with Sebastian for RLL4.
(08-14-2015, 07:51 PM)roostersule2 Wrote: I don't know what's worse, the interview or SOR'S review of it.

My post was long but informative. I'm sorry I didn't throw a transgendered joke in to appease you.

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