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How's your career going?
Just completed my 2nd season and finally seem to be picking up how to win matches. Finished 15th but at least it's not a 2nd wooden spoon.

Managed to get Locke, Vatuvei and Luisi into the team of the year. Both Locke and Luisi finished 2nd and 3rd in the Dally M awards.

Just about to start looking at who to release and who to recruit for season 3.

Now loving the career mode Big Grin
Update for season 5

Selected for NSW




Only had 1 injury all year and that was Buhrer for 2 weeks. A few minor injuries though
Is it me or does Tariq Sims energy drain much faster then anyone elses?
Update Season 5
Minor premiers
Undefeated season
Met Budget
Retirees = Gidley, Thurston. Noooooooo

Season 6 details
Sponsor = Big Win Lotto - Finnish on top of ladder - 300K Bonus

Offensive coaching 5 star
Offensive coaching 5 star
Speed coaching 1 Star
conditioning staff 2 stars
Medical Budget 3 stars

Re - Signings = Boyd, Gagai, MOrris, Mckendry, Graham, Buhrer, Jared Smith, Sutherland
Losses = Houston, Costigan, Naigama Sad , Cook Gower, Wade,

Remaining Cap = 685K
Gaines = Marmin Barba, Jahrome Anasta, Josh Jackson, Yeleen Gordon, Hayne, Idris, Fensom, Mataora, Finucane,

Team for season 6 =

1 Boyd
2 McManus
3 Uate
4 Morris
5 Hayne
6 Roberts
7 Stig
8 Kasiano
9 Buhrer
10 Burgess
11 Sims
12 Idris
13 Fensom
14 Barba
15 Mckendry
16 Graham
17 Mcguire

CEN - Gagai, Heil, Taki
WNG - Smith, Tupou,
5/8 - J.Anasta,
HKR - Asquith, Sutherland
FRF - Ailaomai, Finucane, Hala, Ioane, Woods,
2rf - Kennedy, Mataora, Y.Gordon, Jackson, Mason,
LCK - Tilse,

Bit Disappointed about losing the likes of Kev naigama but overall im pretty happy with my side!
I've been really keen to get into one of these career mode story things.

Might be worth a shot later this week.

(Hint: I'm aiming to do a "nobody team to the premiership" type story)
anyone else notice its harder to retain the Younger players as time goes on?



G.Inglis (P2)
C.Smith ©
J.Thurston (P1, GK)


The Kangaroos were down and out at 24-12 after 65 minutes of the piece, until a heroic effort by Nathan Hindmarsh turned the game on its head. Earlier, the veteran who came out of retirement, had the ball stripped on the very first tackle of the game, and spilled a hit-up soon after that led to the first English try. The English lead 12-6 at the break on the back of a poor completion rate from the visitors, and controlled a fair chunk of territory through 3 lazy penalties by The Kangaroos.
At times the Aussies looked totally out of control in the first half, and when Cam Smith started to direct traffic around and kicked a 40/20 early in the second half, Josh Morris got on the end of a highball and crashed over to level the scores at 12 all.
The English fought back and capitilized on the back of some offload crazy plays from the Australians, and went over twice to take the margain out to 2 converted tries.
In the 65th minute Peacock made a break after picking up a loose ball on his 30. Nathan Hindmarsh chased him down in a memorable 70 metre run, clipping Peacocks legs and slowing his momentum. Greg Inglis then wrapped him up, or so it seemed as he let an offload away to a supporting player. Hindmarsh had just got back up from the floor and managed to intercept the ball on the try line, swinging the game on its head. It was the turning point.
Uate got his second from a long range passing play from that set, and when James Tamou crashed over the scores were locked at 24-all at fulltime.
Unlimited golden point meant there must be a winner, but it didn't take long as Cam Smith kicked a huge 40/20 that lead to Matt Cooper getting the winning try. A great comeback win that will be remembered for times to come. Australia 28 - 24 England



The 2nd Test was a game which saw a lot of the kinks ironed out in The Kangaroos arsenal. Both teams went into the game unchanged, but with Australians Cam Smith, who started again at 5/8, and Thurston both to Playmaker 1 & 2 respectively. The team built on the confidence and revival of Nathan Hindmarsh, whos Man of the Match effort was spread out over another tireless 70 minutes. The second rower made a staggering match-high 23 tackles, and match-high 247 metres. At times playing wide left, Lock and Front row, the Parramatta great touched down for 2 tries and gave a gutsy offload to set James Tamou under the black dot to capture the lead at 12 all with 15 to go in the match. Hindmarsh's first try, which levelled the scores, will be held in high regard, using brut strength at the line and scoring a nice try animation I hadn't seen before in RLL2. I was sure he was held up, but the video ref showed he had wedged it down with his forearm as he turned up.
The game saw 2 shifts in the backline, first as Robbie Farah was given an early shower 5 minutes into the 2nd half. Captain Smith moved to his usual role at hooker, as Tony Williams was brought into Right Centre, with Inglis shifting to 5/8, Hayne to Fullback and Josh Morris to the Wing. The involvement worked instantly and not one intercept or forward pass was thrown. Late in the game Josh Morris got injured and was subbed in for Reni Maitua, who slotted out one further to his usual role as a wide playing secondrower.
The Poms first try was scored after Sinfields bomb deflected off the Left upright in the 11th minute into the breadbasket of Sam Burges. Their 2nd try came after Jarryd Hayne was obstructed by the ref chasing Tinkle, who had busted through Scott and a rare lazy Inglis effort. They were their only 2 chances as Australia defended like absolute champions.
But the day definately belonged again to Hindmarsh, who after his miracle tackle in the First Test that swung the momentum for The Kangaroos to snatch a late Golden Point win, played the best and most satisfying individual performance yet in RLL2.


When Josh Morris limped off the field late in the 2nd Test, twin brother Brett had secured his place for the 3rd. Jarryd Hayne moved to 1 as Brett Morris took over the Left wing duties, outside fellow Dragons teamate Matt Cooper who had been nothing but solid. Inglis wore number 3 on his back and the pack stayed the same again.
The third test was the most dominant and at times freakishly beautiful and brutal games of RLL2 i have witnessed yet. After gaining good momentum in the 2nd test which was a hard fought battle, everything clicked.
The Kangaroos set the tone early when they defended 3 back-to-back sets on their line from the English, who had made 3 changes to their side with Chris Heighinton starting. Shoulder charge after shoulder charge the Aussies bashed their way out of danger, and after some good deep kicking by Cameron Smith early in the tackle counts, swung the territory their way. In the 15th minute Paul Gallen went balistic, smashing 3 tackles in a row and causing a turnover on halfway. After already making a hit up in the set, Gallen then put a perfect ball onto Hindmarsh's chest, sending him over for the opening try and his third of the tournament.
Gallen continued his dominance with a try soon after down the right flank, and if he hadn't of pulled up injured after 20 odd minutes it would of being scary to think what he could of achieved in the game. He played for 10 further minutes, testing his injury by being at nearly every moment he could, and when he lost a ball cold in a good tackle by Ellis he was taken off for the rest of the encounter. Australia 12-nil at the break, with 7 subs still up their sleeves.
England had to come out swinging after halftime, and they did with a nice try that caught Smith on the line. Unfortunately for them it was their only points, as Dave Taylor ripped the game apart. He had been sitting on the bench for 55 minutes, and exploded in the most punishing method possible, destroying anyone that came near him. It more than made up for Paul Gallens early exit and could of been a man of the match effort in it's own 25minutes, if it wasn't for Robbie Farahs incredible work ethic over the entire 80. Taylors 2 try assists that took the score from 12-6 to 24-6 opened up the floodgates as the Australians ran riot in the final 15, with Hindmarsh getting a 2nd and Inglis getting his first of the series with a trademark 60metre run. Kangaroos win comfortably 36-6 and wrap up the series at 3-nil.

2 tries
2 try assists
18 tackles
99 passes
5 offloads

N.Hindmarsh - 2tries
P.Gallen - 1 try
G.Inglis - 1try
When does a test series happen? Or doesn't it happen?
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(11-09-2012, 02:32 PM)Wiradjuri87 Wrote: When does a test series happen? Or doesn't it happen?

Just something i whipped up with 30min games, Legend on Casual dude. I don't think i'll bother with a career mode till there are squad updates and it's 2013 and feels current. Taken a real liking to using my Custom Kangaroos side, and love being able to change both teams line-ups, weather conditions, stadium, wind and injury severity each individual game to my liking..
Starting the Year 2015 (4th Year)
Last Year- Minor Premiers 22 wins 2 loss. Grand Final LOSE 12-10 vs Titans

Retirees - Corey Payne (Age 31)

Major Signings - David Shillington, Alex Glenn
Minor Signings - Marmin Barba and many other minor signings

Losses - Trent Hodkinson (Cowboys), Johnathan Wright (Eels)

All Stars Match - Win 34-4

Current Lineup
1. Ben Barba
2. Josh Morris
3. Jamie Lyon
4. Krisnan Inu
5. Sam Perret
6. Josh Reynolds
7. Kieran Foran
8. James Graham
9. Michael Ennis ©
10. Sam Kasiano
11. Frank Pritchard
12. David Shillington
13. David Stagg

14. Alex Glenn
15. Brad Takairangi
16. Aiden Tolman
17. Dale Finucane
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