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Your Career starting side/Key signings
Starting if using the 2015 roster

Captain Simo


I'd carry Peyroux as 18th man (if selecting an 18th man and injuries in game warm ups are included, that'd be awesome!!)

I'd play out the season and try and replicate the transfers, let Rapira go, Tomins go, Luke in, RTS in.

Others; Friend to go, Laumape to go, Lousi to go, Henry to go, Wright to go, Townsend to go (as rumoured),Suia Matagi to go, Hurrell to go, Peyroux to go. (9 PLAYERS). Hurrell would be on some decent coin I'd assume, the rest would be on low to medium contracts I'd guess.

Look at bringing in Gardner from Sharks (cheap winger/full back option), the Nikorima brothers (Jayden for centre depth, Kodi to be my bench utility). Look at bringing in James Roberts to replace Hurrell, Jack Buchanan as a cheap replacement for Rapira. Use any left over money and throw it all at Martin Taupau. (6 PLAYERS) I'd imagine from that lot, Taupau and Roberts would be on some decent coin. Nikorimas may be fairly cheap as still young/unproven, Gardner is a backup player to he'd be cheap and Buchanan is a fringe player, so cheap again.

My squad of 25:

2 Fusitua
3 Kata
4 Roberts
5 Manu
6 Lolohea
7 Johnson
8 Lillyman
9 Luke
10 Matulino
11 Thompson
12 Hoffman
13 Mannering

14 K Nikorima
15 Taupau
16 Vete
17 Lisone

18 Gubb
19 Ikahihifo
20 Buchanan
21 J Nikorima
22 Gardner
23 Faitala-Marimer
24 Havili
25 Maumolo
I'm surprised at how many people rate James Roberts now. He's quick but he's been outplayed by Jarrod Croker of all people the last 2 games he's played.
Roberts will be rated good in rll3. No doubt il get him just for his speed. Considering I am the one controlling him in the game, his form will be based on how good I am.
[quote='krypter' pid='25191' dateline='1430037498'though I'd was thinking what my team would be and who'd I'd like to sign, and I figured I'd make a thread to see other people's selections. My Broncos line up would be.

1. Milford
2. Kahu
3. Vidot
4. Hodges
5. Copely
6. Boyd
7. Hunt
8. McGuire
9. McCullough
10. Blair
11. Glenn
12. Ofahengaue
13. Parker

14. Molo
15. Thaiday
16. Nikorima
17. Nikorima

The players I'd go for are Evans, Moylan, the winger Burgess and search for a good centre to replace Hodges. I like trolling the NSW and QLD cup, finding really quick outside backs.

What about you guys?

As a broncos fan, that side you named is class, though I'd swap Joe for Sam on mine
(05-12-2015, 08:39 PM)SOR Wrote: I'm surprised at how many people rate James Roberts now. He's quick but he's been outplayed by Jarrod Croker of all people the last 2 games he's played.

As mentioned by a previous poster, his speed will be a huge asset in a game like this.

For me personally, he's the only player I've followed from the NYC competition other than players from the Warriors (Warriors fan).

I vividly remember a try he scored against us and he had a great game, I said that day that he will make the NRL. I don't really watch the NYC as I don't have that much time to watch the NRL and NYC plus other life commitments, but I made an effort to catch the Bunnies games.

That aside, the other player I'd probably buy at some point (maybe not in my first career) is Alex Glenn. Only because I went to high school with him before he went to Australia.
if RLL3 is about speed then my Knights backline should be great!
1 Mamo
2 Sione
3 Gagai
4 BJ
5 Uate
Only player id get rid of is BJ and get another speedstar whether its at flb in place of Mamo (Mamo wing, Sione Center) or a wing/Center.
Yeah, Bj can make a lot of errors in real life, not sure if it will be a factor in the game though. Be good to replace him with some one like will chambers or someone like that.
(04-27-2015, 02:06 PM)Squirbos19 Wrote: Penrith Panthers
1. Moylan
2. Mansour
3. Whare
4. Idris
5. Watene-Zelezniak
6. John
7. Soward
8. McKendry
9. Segerayo
10. Manu
11. Cartwright
12. Brown
13. Taylor

For the bench I'll probably rotate these 6 players
Peachey, Koroisau, Latimore, Docker, Plum, G.Jennings

For the first transfers I'll go:
Aidan Sezer, to replace Isaac John at 5/8
Darius Boyd, I'll slot him somewhere in the back-line or on the bench.
Josh Papali, to strengthen the forwards
Ray Thompson, backup half/hooker
Martin Taupau, again to beef up the forwards.
Plus a few backup players from QLD cup or U20s. to cover for injuries.

Decided I'll make a few changes to the transfers, the starting team will stay he same.
Aidan Sezer, Josh Papalii, Moses Mbye, Dane Gagai, Ray Thompson, Martin Taupau, Maurice Blair.

Hopefully after 1-2 seasons the team will be:
1. Moylan
2. Gagai
3. Whare
4. Mbye
5. Watene-Zelezniak
6. Sezer
7. Soward
8. Papalii
9. Segerayo
10. Manu
11. Cartwright
12. Taylor
13. Taupau

I'll rotate the bench around a fair bit but these will be the 8 to make up the top 25
Thompson, Blair, Peachey, Brown, G.Jennings, Idris, Plum, Latimore.
For Penrith I would go;

1 Moylan
3 Whare
4 Idris
5 Mansour
6 Soward
7 Wallace
8 Manu
9 Segz
10 Latimore
11 Cartwright
12 Taylor
13 Peachey

14 Plum
15 Anderson
16 Korisou
17 Brown

After the first season i would get rid of wallace shift moylan to the halves
DWZ to FB and George or Robert Jennings on the wing
then need to buy an intimidating FRF like Marty Tapau
My season one Sydney Roosters should look like

1. Jackson Hastings
2. Daniel Tupou
3. Michael Jennings
4. Blake Ferguson
5. Shaun Kenny-Dowall
6. James Maloney
7. Mitchell Pearce
8. Jared Waerea-Hargreaves
9. Jake Friend
10. Sam Moa
11. Boyd Cordner
12. Aiden Guerra
13. Isaac Liu

14. Mitchell Aubusson
15. Dylan Napa
16. Kane Evans
17. Siosiua Taukeiaho

I hope the game features a good development system so that I can promote some of the exciting talent in the under 20's team.

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