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Classic Teams of the 90's
have you ever thought about adding Classic teams to the game Ross? Id be willing to pay for them as DLC Big Grin
(10-26-2012, 08:31 PM)Ross Wrote:
(10-26-2012, 06:04 PM)Itchy Hram Wrote: Ross.

I am on 360 but getting alot of requests from people on ps3. Is there any way to get these teams and faces across??

Thanks in advance.

At this point no Sad

The systems will probably never talk to each other.... we are investigating workarounds but I think we will fail.

Any chance (I know this would probably be a huge no way, but heck I have to say) of you guys from Big Ant playing Itchy Hram, getting the teams and somehow using your programming guys to convert the files onto a PS3 and then play some of us PS3 guys?

Or having a Big Ant hosted, create a player submit/download section similar to Fight Night/Grand Slam Tennis type of thing patched into the game?

Sure it won't happen, but us PS3 guys would be mugs not to suggest it. Tongue

Parramatta Eels 1980's

[Image: eelsb.jpg]
I made the Balmain Tigers (80s-90s) had to add some 90s players to ensure the whole team is called in the commentary

[Image: 20121028112233.jpg]

couldnt be bothered posting photos of all the players but here are some of the main stars
Steve Roach, Garry Jack, Paul Sironen

[Image: blockeri.png][Image: jackpo.png][Image: siro.png]

dam just realised tigers already been done lol, i made this team a few weeks ago but wasnt able to post it because my phone is playing up Tongue

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