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ACB Give RLL3 G Rating
No rating can be given to an incomplete product. If this was the case you could make changes after the rating is given which breach commercial law
What makes you say that?
(05-05-2015, 07:49 PM)SOR Wrote: Do we really live in a world where advertising a casino on a jersey could possibly make a game PG?

Yes, we do.

(05-05-2015, 07:49 PM)SOR Wrote: What runs through the hardcore politcally correct peoples heads? "The Storm are advertising gambling. If my kid see's that he might become a hardcore gambler in 20 years".

It is pretty naive not to realise that is the entire point of advertising.

Advertising is not about informing people, it is about influencing people and their decision making. Crown and Star would not be paying good money to have their logos on the Storm and Rabbitohs' jerseys if they didn't know for absolute certain that they would make that money back because it would influence people to come and gamble at their establishments. Children are more easily influenced than anybody.
Hypothetically lets say your child notices the very small crown casino logo when they're playing RLL3 and says "Hey, what's this? Let's go there!" can't the parents just take the time to have the 2 minute discussion about how the child can't gamble yet and give an honest opinion on gambling? Either "Gambling is fun but you have to wait until you're 18" or "Gambling is bad and you must never do it"

We live in such a politically correct world these days where parents want media to look out for their kids instead of just being a parent. Absolutely everything is offensive and people (children especially) are becoming more and more protected and put inside the proverbial protective bubble.

When I was young I'd watch action movies that were rated M. They included swearing, guns, murders, explosions, sex and probably gambling as well. I turned out to be a contributing member of society and I'm entirely mentally healthy. All the parents out there just need to relax and stop being so offended.
Expecting parents to do something in this day and age SOR! It's far easier to blame someone else.

As a trainee teacher I was shown a great cartoon of a child and parents sat in a headteacher a office because of bad grades. One cartoon was labeled 1980's and one 2015 and in the older frame the parents were shouting explain at the child, in the newer frame they were shouting explain at the teacher. Sadly I think it was an accurate representation.
I can understand why the NRL and other affiliated governing bodies of their relevant leagues would prefer Rugby League video games not to contain advertising of gambling and alcohol due to the market at which the product is targeted...."kids."

However some could say its quite hypocritical in the fact the video game only exists because of the real life version of the sport and one would expect that being a reference source for making the game would also toe the line with regard to promoting gambling and alcohol.
Contrary to the values expected, without the "big bucks" sponsorship of such related enterprises the sport would only be a shadow of itself.

Also it could be viewed that if the governing bodies were serious about not promoting gambling and alcohol in their product, including related products why do they always give betting odds just prior, during and post match on televised games and on related products such as The Footy Show with Joel Caine a spokesman for the kick for bucks and game odds segments.

So the point could be stated that "don't kids watch televised matches and in some instances The footy Show!?" and is governing bodies such as the NRL a culprit of displaying double standards because after all the passion kids get for enjoying rugby league, whether playing the real game or a video game and the values it portrays is in first instance generated from watching it on TV which is also used as a reference for game making studios to develop these games.

On a final note Im a father of two sons, one of which turns 18 later this year and Im of the belief that the values and their ability to make good decisions rest upon what I have taught them, through their own experience of making poor decisions and fundamentally what they believe is right or wrong. One thing I will not do is blame a video game if they were to become alcoholics or compulsive gamblers because that is my responsibility as their father to instill values and help guide them to make better decisions. So in conclusion I find the NRL Administration in particular guilty of double standards because kids watch football on TV where gambling and alcohol is splashed over the screen constantly. I believe greater focus needs to be orientated towards player behaviour because kids do emulate what they see in adults which is why if a player stuffs up i let me kids know thats not the right thing to do.

Whatever it be I love rugby league, my kids like rugby league and I enjoy playing the rugby league (formerly in real life) and the titles Bigant deliver as well, it brings me closer and allows me to engage with my kids at their level so well done and to be honest a jersey without a sponsor on it isnt that big of deal its the way it plays and how it allows people, friends and families to have some fun together emulating a sport they enjoy.
Seriously... a logo on a jumper might make a kid go to a Casino? Yet we have the odds on everything from first tryscorer to first hamstring pull thrown at us through every ad-break during the game and most media that covers the sport.

Jim Beam, Sportsbet and Smell Mafinger a walking XXXX advertisement all on the main page.

I agree, parents should be parents. Left 4 Dead 2 and State of Decay had me questioning the mental state of those who do the classifying of games... granted some parents aren't responsible but it doesn't mean they have to get over-zealous.

But before the rant takes over... I was just taking an educated guess earlier... there could be other reasons that these images don't appear in the game.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
Its like people playing racing games like Need for Speed and Gran Turismo and that person gets in a car and speeds and then people point the finger at the video game lol same with GTA :p
i think its a little ridiculous, like do they really think a 10 year old will be playing the game with his mate and say "we should go down to crown after this game" "ok i will steal dads credit card". like really, RUCK is completely right, parents let their children watch friday night games which are hammered with betting and drinking ads but do they really think that a sponsor on a jersey will make a game PG..
It isn't about creating an instant desire to visit a casino. It is about creating positive associations in the brain. By connecting their logo to something people get pleasure from (rugby league) they can cause people to subconsciously associate their business with pleasure. In some cases it may even go so far as triggering a dopamine response, which is how people become addicted to non-chemical stimuli.

Why do you think they got rid of tobacco sponsorship in the mid-90's?

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