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Realistic list of stuff Everyone wants! ADMINS PLEASE READ
(01-16-2015, 10:58 PM)taitjames Wrote:
(01-16-2015, 10:57 PM)motherlover530 Wrote: inb4 "you forgot *insert track name" or "why don't you have *insert track name"

I think being as Big Ant is Melbourne based us Aussies deserve to have a fair few of our tracks in there. Haha.

(01-21-2015, 08:36 AM)Mike Wrote:
(01-21-2015, 07:08 AM)wayfastwhitey26 Wrote: The track editor will be great as long as we can change all aspects of the track (where the corner starts/ends/how sharp/ banking/ where the cushion is/ whether it slicks off or stays tacky/ if the wall is right on the track or on the backside of the bank)...if we can recreate all of our local tracks without having to worry about licensing issues, this will take care of most people's request of tracks. My fear is that the track editor will not be detailed enough to satisfy these needs...allowing us to make a generic 1/4 3/8 1/2 mile track then say they let u do an oval tri oval or quad and change banking isnt much of a creator. (i hope this isnt the case)

This is exactly why we want to get your involvement - what elements must be in a track editor to get everything you want. I want real details, the more you can give us and the more of you that want it, the harder we will work to deliver it.

Here are my opinions, in regards to the PC version. I still make tracks in DTR2, and these are some things that I think would be good.

Since there will be a track editor in game, most of these options should be in the game, or editable outside the game to customize the tracks even more.

1. Be able to make a track as long and as wide as you want.

2. Be able to change the banking of the track. Be able to have completely flat straightaways if you want, and high banked corners, while the track stays pretty smooth (not bumpy).

3. Allow editors to create new objects outside the game to add to the object database for more customization with the tracks.

4. Ability to see a real life track, and then be able to recreate it as close as possible with the tools given with the built in track editor.

5. Give the editors the ability to make their own racing surface texture outside the game...or inside if that's not possible. (ie. red clay, brown dirt, etc, instead of just including options for them to use in game. This way every track can have it's own unique looking surface instead of generic ones).

6. Ability to make different sections of the walls different colors/shapes/heights. Some tracks may have normal concrete barriers in the corners, but have a guardrail or something down the straightaway. Ability to customize these completely would be nice.

7. Allow users to create car skins outside the game, in a program like Photoshop. Include a template to paint the car skin with the game. Also include a template for the user to paint a hauler (semi truck) to haul their car in. If the user doesn't paint their hauler, they will just have a generic white one, or one based off their cars looks. Anyway, in the track editor, allow users to select an area (a square boxed area maybe) where the pits will be. Lets say you can have 24 cars in a race, so the boxed area needs to be big enough to fit 24 haulers in the box is red until the user stretches it far enough for 24 haulers to fit. Then it turns green. Then when the drivers go to race, they start out in the pit area with their hauler loaded into the game and are able to drive out onto the track and practice.

8. Allow for custom painting of all pre loaded objects in the game.

9. Ability to create new tracks and chassis from scratch, as well as importing tracks from other games. This would be huge. In DTR2 currently we have been able to make some amazing tracks and chassis given the limitations and the fact that we don’t have any tools to make tracks or cars from scratch. A new dirt racing game should allow us to do this with our 3D Modeling programs and also make custom textures for these cars and tracks.

1. Dynamic Race Grooves/Terrain (Changing track conditions)- Tracks start out tacky during a race. As the cars (online and offline) race the fastest groove, the line will darken over time, and slicken, in turn slowing that groove down. This will cause the fast groove to shift during the race to wherever there has been less traffic. Once the entire track has slickened up and turned dark, the fastest groove will even out and cars will be able to race all over the track, in theory, but overall lap times will be a good bit slower due to the slicker conditions and the tire wear. (Ability to turn off this option offline in the game options. Server host online can turn it on or off). The track creator should have an option with the track editor when creating a new track to select the starting and ending tackiness of a track (0-10). 10 means the track starts out with a lot of moisture and is faster.

Let's say a track starts out at 10 tacky, and ends at 0 tacky and you're running an 8 lap race. Well, your laps would get slower and slower each lap until the track is extremely slick by the end of 8 laps. Meanwhile, if you set the track to start and end at 10 tacky, times would stay the same every lap and not fall off at all, and the track will not slicken up or turn dark. If the track starts at 5 tacky, and ends at 0, it will start off somewhat slick with a darker area of rubber as if it had been raced on already, and then it would end extremely slick. This feature would be time scaled based on the number of racing laps. There should be an option to turn the scaled slickness off in the game and therefore the track would revert to the default slickness which would be 1, and it would stay at that level through the whole race and the tires would not wear out and the cars would be able to maintain their same speed on the track throughout the whole race due to the track not taking rubber and the tires not wearing on the cars. Server admin can possibly have the option to change the starting and ending setting of each track in Multiplayer to whatever they want, overriding the track default. Etc, you get the idea...

2. Noticeable cushion/berm. On the very high side of some of the tracks there is a buildup of dirt over time and in a dirt car you can hook your right rear tire where that berm begins and hit some fast laps. Maybe have an option in the editor (or outside the game in text files) to set a tracks "starting berm" (from say 0 to 5...5 being a major berm on the high side of the track in the turns to start the race where lap times will be generally faster than any other racing groove) and an "ending berm". The starting berm has to be lower than the ending berm. Then again, it could create some interesting races if that wasn't the case. It's almost like a wall of dirt that helps keep the car stable through the turns.

3. Consider adding racing grooves that can allow for ‘rimriding’ inches from the outside wall at some tracks, especially like Eldora Speedway. This could tie into the berm scenario actually. You could draw a thin line around the track when it's in the final editing stages (Like when you click "Next Step" or something) and the Track Maker can adjust how high or low on the track the berm sits.

4. In the text file that explains the dynamic race groove options, also have an option to change the starting race grip of the inside, middle, and outside grooves. This way you can adjust which groove starts out the fastest, or you can try to make them all start out as close as possible speed wise. Of course if one line is much faster than the others, it will wear out with all the traffic in that groove, and the racers may need to search for other lines as the race progresses. Once all the grooves are equally slick and worn out (Based off the default ending slickness), the groove that began as the fastest will tend to be the fastest at the end of the race. But there definitely needs to be a way to make all three (or more) groves equally fast lap time wise.

Let's say there are three racing grooves, and they all start out exactly the same speed. But let's say most of the racers are only driving on the high line and low line during the race. Well, those two will wear out faster (unless that setting is turned off as in option 1), and then the fastest groove will eventually become the middle. Most of the drivers will switch to the middle groove until it wears off as much as the others. You get the hint.

These are my ideas...and I'm sure I could think of more if they pop in my head. I know some of it may be ambitious...but I'm sure you guys can do it Tongue. Thanks again for everything you guys do and for allowing the community to help out with this project with our ideas!
Check out our online dirt racing site at We will also communicate about the new Dirt Racing game from Big Ant! Let's make them glad they are making this game for everyone!
To reiterate what others have mentioned, it's very important to have that feeling of traction and lack of traction. I've even played some rfacor mods that have the feel of floating over the dirt. One big part of that is realist side bite. Hard to explain but some games it feels like the car is sideways and is still being pulled around the track to the side in a unrealistic manner.
The 2 post above are great!

It would be cool for online to have an open practice where all the cars spawn in the pits and you have to drive on the track to run practice, then when the given time set for practice ends the server rolls over to qual, heats, C and B mains and then Sets up to a 24 car A main.

And an option to be able to drive your car under starts and yellow/restarts would be a bid +!
Honestly just ask a racer how it is or go to a track and go in the pits and observe what is going on. that is the best way to make it as close to the real thing as possible.
To go with what Shocker is saying (lots of great comments) is not just the ability to put in new tracks (and I agree with him, external 3D Modelers = a must... not just a track making tool in-game) but how about new car models as well? In DTR2 a lot of the editing that was done involved taking existing car models and tweaking them. This was very limited in the capabilities vs. if you could just have an exporter for something, say 3D Studio Max or Blender3D (great in that it's free/open source) or another editor (I'd like to see Modo as an option as it's reasonably affordable vs. some modelers; maybe Sketchup Pro as well since we're not so much concerned with renders as we are good models), that allowed you to not only do custom car models to further expand the game's following but also to help you guys continue to have more content to make it's selling points even higher. The ability to actually not only export a car model but also to have it's own custom mapping could be huge for increasing the value of the game over time. It's something that I think would've only gave DTR2 even more life with that ability than it has had. What has been done with it for years is impressive, but what could've been... would be mind-blowing IMHO.

The history of dirt track modding is strong within the community, going all the way back to Dirt Track Racing. Along the way, Ratbag lost a lot of the modding when it shifted from a model that allowed the enterprising fan to create things whether via DE2 or Rhino3D and get them in the game and focused more on consoles. Consoles are obviously very important, but it felt very much like they cut off their nose to spite their face when they already had a great thing going. Cutting out custom-painted skins further drove people to other forms of racing as well or kept them sticking with older games.

I'm a member of a longstanding sim racing community from other gaming platforms, and I'll admit that I always have appreciated what the original DTR and DTR2 brought to the racing world. Sim or not, it still has a playability that you can see from how passionate Shocker and his crew are over at VLR are. I think that if BigAnt wants to see more of the way to bring us all together... it needs to do what was suggested earlier in finding a way to provide a good breadth of options from the novice sim racer to the hardcore type that wants the cars to be... less arcade and more like dirt track iRacing-level sim gaming. This could even rely on different physics files, if necessary, to give end-users the DTR/DTR2/Saturday Night Speedway/etc. etc. drivability that they crave and yet still provide those looking more of a realistic driving dynamic something that ties in more with the various NASCAR Heat and RFactor gaming mods from over the years. Obviously both would need optimization but... if you're going to go into this with the right mentality, it's more about the content and quality of what you provide us than it is about the price of the game. I think many of us would gladly pony up $40-50-60 for a title vs. the bargain bin Wal Mart/Target $20 title, if we could extend it worthy of that level of pricing.

Another option... barring separate physics, would be to have a sort of trio of options for the setup screen. Basic/arcade would have a very drivable, well-tuned basic setup that across the board is easy to drive for novices. Think of it as a fixed, if not dynamic setup that compensates for driving on the fly to keep the car drivable even if you overdrive it. This would likely turn all driving aids on by default, make the cars more of a point and shoot affair.

A step up from Basic/arcade could be a setup wizard (i.e. Crew Chief mode) where you drive the car in a more intermediate/hardcore mode and you basically relay how the car feels and the game handles all of the setup tweaks to compensate for loose in/tight out or tight in/loose out or whatever the case might be. You can also tweak on how to get the car more drivable based on telling whether the car feels like it has enough forward or side bite. This would still allow for driver aids to be on or off, and could be used for those that run hardcore simulation as well as intermediate use... but take the nightmare out of setups by calculating some form of system to get the car where you want it from a drivability standpoint without having to muck with bar angle adjustments, spring rates, etc. That said, maybe even provide it with an option to where you can view those settings after you've relied on the crew and have them dynamically update based on what you tell the virtual crew chief. This could be a great mode to help people along in learning how to set the cars up so that eventually they graduate to doing it on their own (if they want to/care to).

Then obviously, have the last option be a completely hardcore setup mode. Keep in mind, for those that are DTR/DTR2 fans that liked to tinker with setups but wanted to maintain drivability, I think having the setup modes be irrespective of the driver modes could be highly beneficial. Say someone like Shocker that likes to mess with setups but doesn't want something that drives like RFactor mods often do (over the top) could have all of the setup capabilities but all of the options to make the cars be less frustrating to drive. I'll be honest, I'm more of a painter/texturer and when we worked on doing diRtFactor for RFactor... our hopes were to bridge the Heat and DTR2 communities. We didn't succeed, but we lacked the resources. We still gave it our best try to try to balance the challenges of Heat with the fun of DTR2. I still think to a degree, between us and DWD... we came closest to the middle ground, whereas DLM/SBS/DSI and Dirt Motorsport/DirtNation captured the hardcore at all costs end and Shocker's pal F1yer did a commendable job using our old SLM Heat car models and putting them into RFactor with DTR2-like physics. They might not have gotten where they ultimately wanted to with the mod, but I have to applaud the effort they took. I felt like it was an important step in modding history that needed to be took and I'm glad to have seen it come about.

I'd like to see everyone brought back together so that when we model, paint or texture something... that it's beneficial for everyone. If you guys can make that happen by maximizing all of our abilities, I feel like the community could help take what you do to a level you have not necessarily imagined.
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Really great feedback by everyone above, hope Big Ant listens to all the good ideas. Not much more to add because all the great ideas are already talked about. I started with Ratbags DTR, made a track & edited the cars to be less arcade feeling then the defaults and had a league for them. Went to DTR2 and made a few tracks and adjusted those cars to be more realistic feeling and had a league for them. Switched to rfactor when it was released because of all the possibilities and online play that was available. It has been a constant battle and learning process to this day, to try to get the cars & tracks to "feel" like you're racing on dirt/clay surface. The one thing I can add to the suggestions would be working AI as that is something we have had working in all our mods from day 1 in rfactor. A good quality true dirt game with the bells & whistles is all we are asking for.

Don-DirtWorks Designs
Realistic weather conditions.

Race weekend track transitions based on weather data, car count, preferred line, etc. Wet to Dry.

Track editor capable of importing google earth imagery, elevation, paths.

Solid Ai.

Solid Multiplayer with ability to host multiple servers with full admin functions.

Fully customizable paint booth with various image editing software compatibility.

Ability to edit/create vehicles.

Alot of great dirt ideas to base the project off of with rFactor Dirt Mods & Tracks, Nascar 2003 Racing Season Dirt Mods & Tracks, DTR2, Past Console Games, etc.

Thanks, AR
OILRacing Simulation Racing Community
(01-16-2015, 10:58 PM)taitjames Wrote:
(01-16-2015, 10:57 PM)motherlover530 Wrote: inb4 "you forgot *insert track name" or "why don't you have *insert track name"

I think being as Big Ant is Melbourne based us Aussies deserve to have a fair few of our tracks in there. Haha.
Agree need aussie categories too like licensed sprint cars licensed dirt mods licensed wingless sprints as well as all famous aussie tracks like Archerfield Avalon Lismore and all the rest
(01-16-2015, 10:55 PM)Raffurty40 Wrote: I know this is a lot to ask but after hearing the possible plans of having Modifieds, Late Models, Wing and Non-Wing Sprint Cars a friend and I both that follow Dirt Racing closely have came up with a realistic list of tracks that are well known that run all 4 classes.

We know it's not possible to have everyone's local track so we made a list of more well known tracks in the US and some International tracks. We tried to keep the list short.

(Edited after hearing some other opinions)

Volusia Speedway Park
The Dirt Track at Las Vegas
Thunder Bowl Raceway in Tulare, CA
Silver Dollar Speedway
I-55 Federated Auto Parts Raceway
Eldora Speedway
Williams Groove Speedway
The Dirt Track at Charlotte
Kokomo Speedway
Knoxville Raceway
Huset's Speedway
Dodge City Raceway Park
Limaland Motorsports Park in lima, OH
Lernerville Speedway
Skagit Speedway
Deer Creek Speedway Spring Valley MN
Lucas Oil Speedway in Wheatland, Missouri
Boone Speedway in Boone Iowa
Eagle Raceway
Bloomington Speedway
East Bay Raceway Park
Fulton Speedway

Extra Tracks - International Tracks
Tri State Speedway in Haubstadt, Ind.*
34 Raceway Burlington, Iowa*
Attica Raceway Park*
Ohsweken Speedway Ohsweken, Ont.*
Calistoga Speedway*
Valvoline Raceway Granville NSW 2142, Australia*
Western Springs Speedway

A good career mode is really needed aswell!

I have made 2 other important post for the PC version that I will add to this post.

Good Steering Wheel support!
Logitech, Fanatec, Thrustmaster seem to be the 3 most popular brands but it still seems that the Fanatec and Thrustmaster wheels don't get much support in games.

- Options to have all assist off so no built in assist in the physics.

- 900 degrees of rotation support.

- Stand alone pedal support. A must for most PC...

- Good Force Feedback.

- Simple calibration page to map all controls custom, so you can configure your own controls if there's not a preset.

Triple Screen Support on PC - Please!
Most games really warp the side screens, please look into having triple screen optimization.

The photos attached show optimized vs not.

Not - Optimized


You cant leave out east alabama motor speedway thats were all the non luca and non woo run the national races at
Would love to see the fastest half mile in the Midwest Fairmont raceway in Fairmont Mn in there as well very fast track no doubt and would also like to see Jackson speedway in Jackson Mn and in the career mode make it so that u have to pay for damages and entry fees and all of that make it as realistic as possible and when u buy a car make the first car cheap and work your way up to better chassis and when traveling have traveling cost so you can only go were u can afford!!

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