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FanHub Creations
(12-12-2014, 05:33 PM)Canberra Stadium Wrote: Is every player being made through the Fan Hub at Big Ant, or will more 'notable' players be sculpted?

I'd be interested to know also, double edge sword, face scans would probably have best results but utilising the creation hub promotes it's capabilities and some users have already demonstrated that it's certainly possible to get some great likenesses and its only early days
just found out this came out today, so excited there is a new league game coming and really loving this player creator as i have created dozens of players in the past in RLL2, anyways i just quickly toyed around with it and my first player i made is the best full back going around thats right G.I Greg Inglis. The beards however look funny!!!

[Image: JWmLA1.png]
That's phenomenal, give this man a mention in the credits
(12-16-2014, 01:48 PM)Nezzo Wrote: Had a go at Paul Gallen

[Image: 20k4x77.jpg]

[Image: 2yzdgzn.png]
Cherry Evans

[Image: 2uj1guo.jpg]
That's a nice Paul Gallen. How do I share my uploads here? I just did a few attempted Awen Guttenbeil but the beards don't really give it justice, I'll post Gutts in the legends thread if I can.
Screenshot or use the in game social media menu to make a cool trading card like frame and then upload it to an image hosting website.

Here's an updated Hazem, getting closer Smile
[Image: ScB6ThM.jpg]
[Image: SYWLAxC.png]
Looking good fissionmailed!
Looks great mate, you're getting there.
2 new creations tonight.. Scott Sattler and Luke Swain
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My attempt at Hazem El Masri Smile [Image: rRkE6tl.png]

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