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FanHub Released
Simply Lost for words at the number of customisation options!!!!

[Image: cliffy3.jpg]
picture share

[Image: cliffy2.jpg]
uploading images

[Image: cliffy.jpg]
upload pictures free

[Image: cliffy4.jpg]
20mb image hosting

[Image: mal1.jpg]
host image online

Can't wait for the full game to be released... or even details of the full game Wink

Just had a go with the FanHub. It is incredible, almost flawless. A few tweaks to existing player attributes (Curtis Sironen should not be 80 overall rating, especially when Greg Inglis is 86. Anyway, I know it will be fixed. More importantly - thank you for moving to a rating system out of 100. Rather than the silly hexagonal haha.

Well done to Itchy Hram and the guy beginning with XX, you are both creating some great characters.

Literally cannot sleep because of this announcement.
I just hope there will be some sort of "Player career/Become a legend" game mode, from starting in Holden/NSW cup & the english championship to been selected for you country in the world cup.
My first player, Andrew Johns (why is there no "johns" surname, only "John"?)


I may need to tweek his body a little, but I'm happy with the head.
And they weren't there to start with but then those redish dots appeared above the eyebrows and on the cheeks, wats up wit dat?
(12-11-2014, 11:30 PM)stdragons Wrote: guys, I cant stand creating players in any type of game but this has me hooked. This is the Benji I made. Not great but not too shabby either

Looks great, tattoos in or out?
Tattoos are in but locked at the moment.
(12-12-2014, 12:53 AM)Joe Wrote: Are the Super League kits going to be added to the FanHub anytime soon? The UI looks great by the way. Hope it's the same in the actual game!

Super League is going to be well supported, FanHub will get regular updates as we get new Tattoos, Hair Styles, Skin Textures, Uniform, etc...

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Don't know if you can answer this or not, just want to know if editing a NRL team clones that team to custom or not?
Also Ross, are the official players finished from your end? Because I went through the Knights squad and some players were pretty ordinary.
The players are still being worked on.

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