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RLL3 announced (Fan Hub player creator)
Bring on the rumours! haha.

This is wonderful news to see RLL3 finally starting to get announced after Ross has teased and hinted at it for months.

I wonder if it will see a previous gen console release or whether it's completely for Xbox One and PS4.... whatever the case, I'm keen!
I'm just stoked for pc lol.
Thanks a lot Ross and Tru Blu too! What a wonderfull news for the French gamers! We could edit players and teams from the French Championship Elite 1! Awesome!
Hey Ross,

Is the game near completion or is it still in the earlier-mid stages? The feeling I have is we'll see it soon, but thought I'd ask.

P.S. First time posting on this forum, used to get on the Sidhe forums, but haven't since RLL2. Really enjoyed RLL2 and like where Big Ant are taking the Rugby League Franchise.
It's funny, some people unaware of how the cricket academy worked may wonder why we're getting so excited about a player/team creator, and thinking about it, it is a bit strange. I mean every sports game (other than Rugby 15) has one.

Here's what I put it down to.
2. We know it will be extremely in depth.
3. It will give us our first look at graphics.
4. Releasing before the game allows players such as Vinceb with his French teams or Ruck with his 80s teams to have everything ready to go when we get the game which means more play time straight away.
5. Something no one else is doing, cross platform sharing. (correct me if I'm wrong, I know a game was recently announced with cross platform playing, don't ask me which one, and that should be the next goal.)
I'm definitely picking up a ps4 and pc copy if they release on the two which I'm fairly confident they will, the modding g possibilities are a whole other kettle of fish to get excited about when it comes to rll3
LOL.. Ruck needs more time Tongue I'd guess a week or two per competition... so don't rush Big Ant... we're both patient and want the best.

But yeah Axe... early release Player Creator means that we can set up our own personal teams, legend teams... hell even the USARL teams if we want. All stuff we'd be doing on the first day of owning the game, instead of ripping straight into it.

It was genius when they did it for Cricket... GENIUS!!!! doing it for League Big Grin.

Damn Straight Davies... PS4 for games nights and PC for ME. Guess I'll have to improve my jersey and logo designs as I'm expected this to make RL2 look like a crayon drawing.
“There is nothing noble in being superior to your fellow man; true nobility is being superior to your former self.”
The only issue I have with getting the player creator first is not knowing what's going to be on the disc. For example am I going to be making international teams myself or are they going to be on there?

But seriously, its definitely a good thing, could save a lot of time.

Can anyone with a longer memory than me say how long was between an announcement and release date for RLL or RRL2?
Yeah I'd like to know what licenses there are, we should get a decent idea with the actual game announcement, than Ill swap players out once the game is released if any likenesses are missing
RLL2 was announced in June and released in August 2012

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