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Rll3 Wishlist and Ideas
(04-08-2014, 07:24 PM)D86 Wrote: I I was spoiled as a kid watching the steelers at WIN stadium on the weekends. Always on the hill in the rain close to the action. Or at parramatta when they use to get the players to throw footballs in the crowd with the little guys playing during the halftime break. Going to the bigger stadiums don't feel the same.

Use to head up to Gold Coast tweed stadium to see the Seagulls play. Was such a great ground, so close to the action. I hear its demolished and turned into a carpark these days. Was so close to the ingoal I learnt most of my swear words as a kid off Wally Lewis.

keeping this on topic, bring back the Giants/Seagulls/Chargers best as a 'classic' team next game Big Grin

Here is a team to save them time. 1. D. Shearer 2. M. Bai 3. G. Mackay. 4. C. Close 5. D. Peacok. 6. W. Lewis. 7. P. Campbell 8. M. Bella. 9. J. Hethrington. 10. B Todd. 11. S Jackson. 12. B. Linder 12: J. Schloss 13. W Bartrim
(04-05-2014, 05:55 PM)Ross Wrote: They'll never be fights or "real" head-highs in a licensed game, it's not what the League would want to see promoted.

Lol but shoulder charges are fine to promote? I understand the game was made b4 the rule change but they remained after the 13 season update? Seems odd.
Surely a bit of push and shove, boys will be boys type stuff should be included to add a bit of spice!
Dunno if this has been mentioned, but I'm quite a ways into career for the umpteenth time, and find myself once again unwilling to finish. After a fair amount of years, I always have trouble building a side. The rep sides consist of thirty five to forty year old players, none really retiring and rookies seem almost pointless to recruit. The ai generated rookies are quite poor. So as players get older, they ask for outrageous amounts of money and seems AI generation players and under 20's rookies never really develop unless you sign then, kind of breaks the longevity of career.

Teams such as Titans, Cowboys, Storm and Knights all fielded line ups that had max stats across the board, attack, defence, endurance. Going off the prices in recruiting, I have to wonder whether or not AI teams recruitment do not rely upon the salary cap. Just played the Cowboy and this is how they lined up.

1. Bowen
2. Graham
3. Inglis
4. Tate
5. Winterstien
6. Thurston
7. Wallace
8. Scott
9. Mccullough
10. Tamou
11. Taumalolo
12. Thaiday
13. Parker

I can't remember their bench, but the entire team was high eighties, where at this point I'd hardly be able to have five or six above eighty due to the prices players ask for. Take McCullough for instance. He was in around $200,000 k, asked for a pay raise to 250, I gave it to him as he was now my captain. Next time he was off contract, asked for nigh on 500K, and this happened with almost every one of my titular players. So I had five or six high profile players off contract, and to fill my roster I could only keep one or two, especially when I had players off contract the year after, then the year after that. It became impossible to field a team that could stand up againt AI. It would be different if we had decent low 80's, or late 70's rookies coming through, but even the under 20's players who were in the high sixties, low 70's were asking for 150+ .

I ended up with a team of around five 80's, seven 70's and the rest were 50's or 40's.

Anyway, just something I needed to rant about. Great game, can't wait for the next instalment and have huge faith that things like this will be fixed. Best RL title to date.
I always lost interest after 3-4 seasons and it is so annoying because if I didn't restart 3-4 times I'd have finished at least 1 career and have a platinum for the game. Back to your issue though because mine is more to do with difficulty, or lack there of. Usually the first thing I do at the end of the first season is sign a bunch of teenagers for future depth but even after 3-4 years their development is none existent and it's just a waste of $$ to keep them. Maybe if I struggle through a few more seasons I'll get to the same point as you and actually get a challenge out of the game, it would be a shame if it's a clear fault in the game that gives me that challenge though.
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From watching the Dragons vs. Bulldogs game today, the watching Graham and Cooper go at it reminded me of all those great imports over the years. Point being... Rugby League Academy... gotta have it. Smile Jonathan Davies, Gary Connolly.... Jarrod McCracken... lot of 80's and 90's players I want to make... Smile

Beer and Rugby League.. what is better than that. Big Grin

On Slash's point... Just get the jerseys (with classic sponsors like Powers for the Broncos etc) and give us the Academy...
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Yeah I totally agree Axe. It's almost pointless to sign a rookie beneath 75. I got a young halfback that was 75, played starting halfback for me for five years, won a premiership, only ever got up to 78.
A fantasy draft would be pretty awesome too. I rarely play madden 12 without doing a fantasy draft.
a news and rumours in game site much like 'zerotackle' but for career mode, maybe the idea of career mode like rll2 but with another one like in cricket 14 where it focuses on you playing as a youngster going through the ranks but maybe make up a couple of leagues one for Melbourne and NZ then have a few in qld then maybe a few more for nsw (more Sydney based sides) so where you get picked for Harold Matthews and SG ball then gaining contracts for holden cup I think that'd be awesome. Big Grin
I remember madden 08 had some sort of superstar mode? Basically playing as a young man training, completing objectives focusing on certain stats to grow and get picked in the draft & etc. If it is anything like that or that fifa version the game would sell very well. even in sidhes union game I can see it rising in sales.
The ability to play and control your u20's and feeder clubs in Career mode would be bloody awesome

Also when using a Rep side can we please have the ability to pick out of everyone eligible. Right now I can't pick half of Qld's origin side with the 25 selected and playing as Australia it gets even worse. Only change I want would be that

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