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Batting for both teams
I haven't bought the game yet and I was wondering can you control the batting for both teams in a single player game?

Bowling has always been boring in other Cricket games.
You won't need to as bowling is more fun in this game than batting Smile
I tried playing a game batting for both teams but i couldn't find where to change the side you're playing with during a game. I dont think you can.
Ok I've worked out that you can do it. You just have to save and exit after each innings and when you load it again you can choose which team to control.
This subject sounds wrong lol
Thank you Punter... Thank YOU!!!!. Smile
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What's wrong about playing for both teams Wink
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I was thinking the same punter.
Imagine If the big ant guys do a golf game and someone comes on saying they putt from the rough lol

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