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Development Update
(01-29-2014, 07:37 AM)theaxe1606 Wrote: Ross, I feel I need to clarify what Munkey is saying. He is in no way saying "if you're planning to release DBC14 in the next 2 weeks, delay it for the sake of Seychelles".


Ahaha. Axe is right on this one Ross, population 84000. It's for the greater good...

Although upon further research, turns out the Seychelles has a district called Bel Air.

Wiki can not confirm if it has a fresh prince or not, but I feel that further research is required before we condemn them to the wrath of Ruck.

EDIT: FFS, I was going to bed but now I am becoming fascinated by the political history of the Seychelles. They had the Bradman of politics. Rules as president for 27 years (previous and only other P-man lasted 1 year) before retiring out. Sure he was the only candidate for most of those elections but... damn... His name? France-Albert Rene. Obvious French blood (he retired, his name was France, for arguments sake let's say he likes strong cheese, garlic and acting superior), obvious British blood (essentially a dictator who convinced people he wasn't, classic British).

The new guy has a rubbish moustache and the first pressy was a coin.
[Image: AVrxy6Y.png]
(01-28-2014, 02:40 PM)RuckNHell Wrote: I'm pretty confident in saying the game is finished and that all that remains to me made is $$$MONEY$$$.

Pretty sure that Friday will answer that last question.
I'm more of the thinking now that all of the love, passion, blood, sweat and tears from EVERYONE that once were and are still involved in the development of the game, who poured their heart and souls into this project from day dot will be appreciated more than whatever monetary gain is made from it after all of this time.

If I was Ross, I'd put the credit list at the intro of the game without being able to skip it for all to see because they all deserve recognition for their services after the "War" is over.
I'm more interested in Seychelles now.... WHERES THE SEYCHELLES UPDATES?
My Top 5:
1. Kevin Pietersen
2. Brendon McCullum
3. AB De Villiers
4. Virat Kohli
5. Michael Clarke

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