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AO Tennis 2 performance on Nintendo Switch
(02-06-2021, 09:53 PM)Fisacis Wrote: Dear Big Ant Team,

I strongly consider your game to be the best tennis I have ever played. I love the design, courts, players movement, variety of shots, the fact that it is possible to serve aces with proper training. It's all super great. But the one thing that bother me the most is the really bad performance of the game on Nintendo Switch. For this high price i really hoped for smooth gameplay. I really support you guys and I hope there will be another patch for Nintendo Switch that will improve fps and smoothness of the game. Wish you best!

I agree with you, there are few tennis games for Nintendo switch i like, but AO tennis 2 is not on first, have you Mario Tennis Aces, it's among top tennis games, and with the help of Tennis Racket, you may get almost real tennis taste.. Tongue

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