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BAP Defence 0
(01-21-2019, 08:06 PM)Priddo Wrote: Long time since I've played or posted, but wanted to come back to RLL4 and play a bit during the off season.

I remember my biggest issue previously was I couldn't get a defensive rating for my rookie player in career, unless they were a forward. I thought surely this would be solved by big ant in a patch since, or someone would have found a workaround/fix somehow since I last played - but I can't even find any talk of it on these forums (search function sucks, to be fair)

Are we seriously still stuck having to play as a forward in BAP to be able to be any good and progress in career mode?  Dodgy

Each position has certain things that contribute to the players OVR rating. The defensive skills are still extremely important as a back, however they do not contribute to the player OVR as it would bring a lot of the wingers down in the OVR ratings.

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