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Brilliant & a Game RL fans can be proud of!!!!!
As you can see I'm a Rooster fan. Go Roosters! Firstly, I have followed this series since its inception so I can see just how far this game has come and in my view it  has arrived at the point I would call it a befitting Rugby League game which does justice to the greatest game of all. At last we RL fans have a game we can be proud of. 

Firstly, the face rendering is awesome. I can identify players as easy as in FIFA 17 or Madden 17. Graphically the game looks great. I'm playing on a PS4 Pro using a Sony 4K HDR Bravia TV. So graphics wise for me this game is on par with FIFA and Madden easily. 

The gameplay should be diverse and have depth as the real game does and that's what's brilliant in this version. There are more variables, more diversity and much more randomness which brings much needed tactical play into the game which was lacking. It's now a joy to kick high balls to fend, sidestep and drive up the middle with hit ups & fends against tired opponents like in the real game. 

But the 'brilliant' is mainly for the new tactical additions foresight and tactics for attack & defense. It's awesome how you can target a tired player with a hit up and make a line break resulting in tries galore (on lower levels)   But there's so much to rave about. However, gameplay is the main thing here and this game was way underhypedin my view. I agree with an online reviewer that this is at least 8.7/10  but I give it a 9/10.

I'm still learning but just a question is it possible to change views using my PS4 controller during gameplay? Just beat the Sharks 42-0 on the lowest level mainly due to hits ups. Just press  the R3 button multiple times while sprinting on return or in possession and almost a try every time.

Audio is good as is commentary. I hope people support this game because this version is a huge improvement and puts NRL games on the map. Just my humble opinion.

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Brilliant & a Game RL fans can be proud of!!!!! - by Rooster - 07-28-2017, 04:48 PM

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