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Dangerous tackle/throw, a way to balance arm pins and low tackles?
I like the current combination of tackles available to the player.

The main two on the face buttons are currently the arm pin (B button) and low tackle (A button)

Both have an advantage; the arm pin stops offloads and the low tackle avoids fends. Both also have disadvantages as arm pins are more likely to be fended whilst low tackle are more likey to be side stepped.

However the arm pin has an additional disadvantage when combined with sprint, which is the chance of conceding a high tackle. I believe an equivalent risk should be in place for the low tackle.
My suggestion is to introduce dangerous tackles/lifting tackles such as those seen a couple times in the GF, like Ben Hunts and seen throughout the year a plenty.

Obviously this wouldn't be likely to be included until RLL4 as it would require a bunch of new motion capture, but I think it really addresses two issues well:
1. The lack of one type of common penalty (dangerous tackle/lifting tackle/throw)
2. The inequality between arm pin and low tackles

This would also provide something else players could be suspended for. More depth is never bad, right?

Two me that just leaves one major area of penalties uncovered, being hand in the ruck/hand on the ball.
The remaining common penalties would pretty much be covered, being offside, holding too long, high tackle and dangerous tackle/lifting.

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