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Has Bigant considered allowing female characters to be created in the game?

I'll speak for myself on this one and say the answer is because I love rugby league and the Jillaroos (though not paid as much) put their bodies on the line representing State and Country. I support them and hope to see them represented in the game somewhere in the future.

The NRL has many female fans, so why not open up the game to them. There are also a lot of girl gamers so why shouldn't they have the option to add themselves to the game?

You've put forward some teams so let's judge each of them on their merits.

The PM's XIII - Would be an interesting inclusion if the NRL career mode (in RLL3) had this option as an alternative if your team missed the finals. I guess it might be a nice little consolation prize. But all it is in reality is just an Australia A side that plays PNG. So yes, Big Ant should throw this in the game if it isn't a programming nightmare... Jersey + players from the 8 teams that missed the finals = muck around rep game. But if I may be picky... the PNGNRL is semi-professional at best, so we might have to reconsider the inclusion of PNG in a professional rugby league game.

The Philippines Tamaraws - is flawed thinking. The PNRL is an amateur rugby league competition (at best) and I'd be interested to know if they were still playing touch football. Outside of the Cabramatta International Nines they barely exist. The Jillaroos, while made up of "amateur" players, play All-Stars, Origin, Tests and Nines Rugby League. But suggesting the Tamaraws dismisses your opinion that women are not professional enough.

The Legends - would be a licensing nightmare as "professionals" and ex-footballers love their money (IMO). But either way Big Ant throw a legends logo into the game and the Fan Hub takes care of the rest for free.

The question instead should be why not.
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